Development and Entrepreneurship in Science & Technology is extremely important to take India to greater heights. Technology is the savior of all hard times. Hence with the perspective of encouraging entrepreneurship in technical field, an event Talaash was organized at KLE Institute of Technology by LEADERS of LEAD program, Deshpande Foundation. The event was held successfully on 7th May 2015. This was the second time the event was organized by LEADers of LEAD.

The aim of TALAASH was to identify students with a desire to convert their technical ideas into a start-up and then, support them with seed fund of Rs. 3,00,000/- and Incubation.

The event TALAASH was supported by LEAD and Sandbox startups of Deshpande Foundation along with KLEIT and nanoPix of Hubballi.

The judges of TALAASH were Mr. Deepak Dhadoti (Founder, Servo Controls, India), Mr. Naveen Jha (CEO, Deshpande Foundation), Mr. Sasi Sekar Krish (CEO, nanoPix), Dr. Basavaraj S Anami (Principal, KLEIT).

TALAASH had received 200 applications/ideas from 23 different cities and 37 different colleges’ across Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Greater Noida, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Telangana. Out of 200, top 85 ideas were shortlisted for the second round. The selected students were asked to present their idea in the nearest TALAASH screening locations viz., Hubballli, Belagavi, Davangere, Vijayapur, and Kalaburagi. Top 30 teams were further selected to showcase their prototype in the final event on 7th May at KLEIT, Hubballi.

Top 3 Ideas were chosen among all the presented ideas. They were awarded with a seed fund of Rs. 1,00,000/- each from nanoPix Company and incubation support from Deshpande Foundation’s Sandbox Startups. 

 The top three award winners were :


Mr. Sharad Patil from KLECET Belagavi won for his idea of Mobile Dry Seeder.

Mr. Niranjan Karagi, Angadi Institute of technology, Belagavi won for his idea of Hydrogen Kit for Vehicle.



Mr. Harshavardhan Mamledesai of BVBCET, Hubballi won for his idea for MARC-I.


The details of the models which have won prizes are as follows:
Mobile Seed Dryer:

This device was designed to overcome the conventional way of sowing seeds by hand.  Sowing seeds by hand is tedious for the farmers when it comes to large acres of fields. The MOBILE DRY SEEDER works in such a way that the seeds can be fed to the soil in optimum quantities and at the required place. It minimizes the wastage of seeds. With this device the farmers can carry almost 15kg of seeds/fertilizer in one trip without burdening their hands to carry the weight.  

Apart from seeds, this device can also be used to add fertilizer to the plants. Another advantage of the fertilizer is, this is not bulky and inexpensive. Hence the device is farmer friendly.

Hydrogen Kit:
This is a device which increases the efficiency of vehicles by 30 %. It taps the power hidden within water to fuel the vehicles.  In earlier cases, hydrogen fuel container used to increase weight and cost of the vehicle. So, it was a challenge to achieve desirable driving ranges.

 To overcome these limitations, hydrogen kit has been designed. It uses the process of electrolysis to separate hydrogen and oxygen .This hydrogen and oxygen is fed to engines .Hydrogen gas is highly flammable and will burn in air at a very wide range of concentrations between 4% and 75% by volume so which helps to produce the power required to run the engine. Benefit of using hydrogen as a fuel is that a complete combustion takes place as compared to the gasoline engines. This results in increase of engine efficiency and 30% more output from the engine.


MARC-I is a medical wearable device targeted at developing nations middle class people who suffer from unexpected traumatic events leaving them with the need of leg rehabilitation. This works as an artificial leg. It provides support to legs through belts which in turn is connected to servo motors. Servo motors work on the principle of hydraulics. Marc I support the individual to walk when an individual applies slight pressure on the leg to walk. 

The MARC-I makes an individual independent in an affordable manner.

TALAASH 2015 concluded with three new entrepreneurs to our country who would make great impact to the world as a whole. This event has created lots of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs and young leaders.

My Story: Niranjan Karagi

Niranjan Karagi (B. E, Angandi Institute of Technology and Management)

“To be successful and to grow in life, one has to move out of their comfort zone and should be ready to feel awkward and uncomfortable”

I was a NCC cadet during my school days which taught me to be disciplined even during the toughest times. The skill of focusing on the goal developed during training of NCC got me “Best Firer Award”. I gradually got inclined towards technical domain which led me to pursue engineering for my under graduation. The knowledge gained in the classes of engineering got my brain thinking to solve the problems of society through technology.

I had several innovative ideas which I wanted to implement but didn’t know where to begin. During this time I got to know about LEAD through few of my friends. I found LEAD to be the ideal platform to express my ideas and turn my ideas into working models.

The first project that I implemented was Hydrogen kit. It was designed by combining the knowledge of chemical engineering, thermal engineering and material science engineering. In this kit, hydrogen and oxygen of water are separated continuously by electrolysis process. KOH solution acts as an electrolyte. When electricity is passed, the molecules of the water get separated. The positively charged hydrogen ions is collected at the cathode and negatively charged oxygen is collected at the anode. Then hydrogen and oxygen is passed through a series of piping system, valves, filters, and flow meters into the engine cylinder through inlet valve. Inside the cylinder, hydrogen combustion also happens along with the fuel. (Hydrogen combustion is the process by which hydrogen reacts with an oxidizing agent and burns). Hydrogen combustion is exothermic combustion, which means it releases heat and energy. Hydrogen gas is highly flammable and will burn in air at a very wide range of concentrations between 4% and 75% by volume so it helps to produce the power required to run the engine. 

Benefit of using hydrogen as a fuel is that a complete combustion take place as compared to the gasoline engines. This results into increase in engine efficiency and 30% more output from the engine. It also reduces the pollution due to complete combustion of the fuel.

This project was a great success. I exhibited this model at Yuva Summit held at Deshpande Foundation. It won me BEST LEADer Award from Kailash Satyarthi. I presented a paper on this model and was certified as Speaker at the Eleventh International conference on "eLearning for knowledge–based society" held at Bangkok, Thailand. 

Along with providing support, LEAD set me thinking in entrepreneurial direction. Hence, I decided to take my model further ahead and prepared a business plan with this model. I presented this model at techno entrepreneurial event “TALAASH” held at KLE Institute of Technology and got a seed fund of Rs 1,00,000/- to establish my start up with this model. Thus my journey of becoming an entrepreneur has begun.

After the success of this project, I designed Hydrogen Wielding device applying the learning of my first LEAD project. This uses hydrogen as fuel and reduces the dependency on LPG gas and acetylene. The additional challenge that I faced during this project was controlling the hydrogen flow and fire. To overcome this challenge, I used transformers to control the electricity in electrolysis process.

Thus my journey with LEAD has made me innovative, bold and confident. It has taught me that when faced with a challenge one has to look at all directions for the solution and there will be surely a solution for all problems.

LEAD has given me the courage and confidence about my capacity of turning my dreams into reality.

My Story: Pavan Bajantri

Pavan Bajantri( E&C, Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi)

Ability to handle the crowd, motivating his team members and being punctual are few important skills a leader should develop.

Right from my childhood, I was passionate about cricket and dreamed of becoming a cricketer. I got the opportunity of realizing my dream when I moved with my family to Belagavi from Haliyal.  I represented my school in cricket at regional level and thereafter, I got the chance to play in several matches.

I was enjoying my journey with cricket when suddenly I had to discontinue cricket and quit my team due to back bone injury. This broke me and hurt me deeply. I loved cricket very much and wanted to become a great cricketer. My dreams were shattered and I felt disappointed. I did not want anyone else to feel the pain and suffer like the way did. It is at this moment, I decided to help and encourage students who wanted to grow in sports. I wanted to support children who aimed high. However I didn’t how to go ahead with my desire. 

LEAD, LEADers Accelerating Development Program was introduced at my college and I got inspired by the idea of contributing to the society. I spoke to few of my seniors to understand the working and support provided by LEAD.  Then, I joined LEAD to realize my dream of teaching sports to school kids. I started coaching them in playground of our college. Initially, 50 students came forward but I selected only 25 out 50 by assessing their commitment and dedication towards sports. I coach these students early in the morning in various sports as cricket, swimming and athletics. The experience of 8 months of coaching children has brought me inner satisfaction. This project has also won me “Best initiative in Sports category” in Belagavi LEAD Valedictory 2015.

Apart from sports coaching, I have taken up several challenges under the guidance of LEAD. To mention a few: 

1. Along with my team, I celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi by making people understand the importance of non violence. I made 500 students take oath on being non- violent.

2. My team and I together celebrated Lal Bahadur Shasrtri Jayanthi. Lal Bahadur Shasthri was  India’ second  Prime Minister and a great leader. To enlighten students about the great leaders of India, I celebrated Lal Bahadur Shastri’s birthday  with blind orphans.

3. I celebrated Bhagat Singh’s birthday also, the legendary hero who devoted his life for the freedom of our nation.

4. I also did a project of cloth donation where I collected clothes and donated it to Goonj. Goonj is an organization which works at grass root level for the upliftment of the downtrodden people.
5. Celebrated International Women’s Day by appreciating women who are working hard and contributing immensely to the development of the society.

Another major project which got me appreciation was applying radium to railway gates. The purpose of this project was to make the railway gates visible in the darkness of the night.  This initiative got me “Best Initiative to Safety Award” at Belagavi LEAD Valedictory 2015.

At LEAD Valedictory 2015, I was also promoted as LEAD Ambassador to motivate and guide young LEADers of my college.

My experience with LEAD has been enriching. It has taught me to be bold, courageous and to work hard towards my goals.

Stopping Dehydration among beggars, an initiative by LEADer Seeresh

Summer is extremely hot in most parts of India. Hundreds of people die due to summer strokes and dehydration.  The people suffering from summer strokes are usually those who work  in the hot sun without consuming ample amount of water.

LEADer Seeresh Wali  of Kalaburagi, a region where temperature reaches up to 40 degree Celsius during summer  got concerned about the beggars in his town who used to sit outside temples and beg for most of the day.  LEADer Seeresh was worried whether they were consuming sufficient amount of water. Therefore with an intention to contribute to the well being of poor beggars, he took up a LEAD project. 

Under the guidance of LEAD , he interacted with the beggars, inquired about the time spent in the hot sun and amount of water consumed by them.  Understanding their duration of exposure to sun and their lack of awareness. He designed his approach to make their lives better. Firstly, he created awareness among beggars to consume sufficient amount of water to avoid dehydration. Next step LEADer Seeresh Wali along with his team Reshma, Shivani, Neha did was to give electrolyte and water to beggars.

LEADer Seeresh “It was challenging to convince beggars about our intention and make them accept electrolyte from us.”

Through this project LEADer Seeresh and his team learnt the hardships faced by the people working in fields  and problems faced in convincing people.

My Story: Rahul Aursang

   Rahul Aursang( BLDEA College, Vijayapur)

I believe taking initiatives and challenges is necessary to become a LEADer.
During my early college days, I used to be silent, shy and used to hesitate in beginning a conversation with less acquainted people but at the same time I was ambitious and wanted to achieve great things in life. I knew that to be successful in life one needs to be a good communicator. Therefore, while I was looking for opportunities to improve myself, I got to know about LEAD from my friends who were working on innovative projects for LEAD. I was attracted by the concept of LEAD for obvious reasons.

I did three major projects in LEAD. The first one was Celebration of Mother’s Day. On Mother’s day which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, I with my team mates visited an Old age home and  interacted with the mothers who were far away from their children. After interaction with them, we also distributed sweets to them. We had a good time chatting and listening to their life and routine at old age home. By the end of the day we felt happy for having spent a meaningful day with old people who have contributed immensely to the society during their prime days.

After the success of my first project, I took up the second project of Swaach Bhaarat as I wanted to contribute to Modi’s  dream of clean India. As wise men say, follow before you preach. I and my team mates cleaned our college campus. Along with cleaning we also made charts which stress upon cleanliness and we pasted it on our college walls and notice boards spreading awareness to keep the country clean. My College Principal appreciated our efforts and congratulated our team for our initiative towards building healthier and cleaner India.

My recent project was Signature Campaign to stop Goo Hatya (Cow Slaughter). Cows are sacred in our country and they serve mankind all through their life. So, I wanted to stop the slaughtering of cow and I took the initiative to get 5000 signatures from the citizens of Vijayapur location to stop Cow Slaughtering in Karnataka. I got the signatures from various institutions, temples and in my neighborhood. I also distributed the forms to my friends who in turn gave it to their friends and collected signatures from people who believed that slaughtering of cow should be banned.  I faced lot of challenges during the execution of this project  as people were reluctant to co-operate as they were skeptical about the process. Convincing them was a real challenge. However die to our hard work , we were successful in getting 5000 signatures from people in just 6 days.

LEAD projects gave me confidence and taught me the knacks of handling a team. Being closely related to LEAD also got me an opportunity to work as social Media Intern for LEAD. The internship at LEAD has improved my written skills too. Overall LEAD has made me a new person by unleashing the leadership potential within me. It has instilled enthusiasm and a new energy in me.


Mother's Day celebration by LEADer of Kalaburagi

“God could not be everywhere,  that is why he made mothers”
--Rudyard Kipling

Mother’s day celebrated on second Sunday of May. It is celebrated in most of the countries around the world to honor the mothers and motherhood.  The sacrifice and self less love of mothers towards their children is the highest form of love in the world.
LEADer Preeti of Kalaburagi thought of thanking all the mothers for their immense contribution to the society and saluting their contribution in bringing up healthy individuals. She took up a LEAD Project to execute her ideas.  She formed a team with Divya, Kaveri, Akash and Rahul. 

They gathered all the mothers working at Netaji college Kalaburagi and organized engaging session for them today to give them a break from their daily routine.  Discussion was conducted among women about the importance of Mothers in the society and right way of bringing children up. Several games were conducted for women including musical chair and they were given Prizes.  An excellent performer in all the games was also given a crown. At the end of the ceremony cake was cut and Mother’ day was celebrated with great energy and enthusiasm.

LEADer Preeti and her team members enjoyed the celebration and their personality grew on getting exposed to the challenges faced by women in bringing up children. Their respect towards women and mothers increased ten folds.

My Story: Sandesh Jorapure

Sandesh Jorapure( Diploma, Raibag Polytechnic College)

LEAD has changed my life; a person who would hesitate to show himself in front of the world is now showing the world to others.

I used to be a silent timid guy during my school days and rarely made any friends. But as I grew up, I realized the importance of having friends and people around. Then I started involving myself in various competitions and college functions and tried my level best to make friends. Slowly my number of friends grew and interaction with others increased. In spite of all these I continued to have stage fear and always hesitated to speak in front of crowd. 

It was during this time that LEAD was introduced in my college. I was inspired by the concept of LEAD which made me check the websites and blogs of LEAD. I was motivated looking at the projects and initiatives taken by the students of my age.
I took up several LEAD projects under the guidance of LEAD coordinators Vikram and Absar. 

Few of the projects:

Teachers Day Celebration

Along with my team, I celebrated teacher’s day at our college. After the celebration, we planted more than 150 saplings in the garden of our college. This was the first project at our college so we thought celebrating this day by planting a new sapling. This project made a new change in celebration of teacher’s day at our college.  

Engineer’s Day Celebration

The next project I did was celebrating Engineers day at my college. On this day I and my Team planned to invite all the Engineers and keep a program at our college. On this day we invited minimum 15 Engineers and KLE College Principal as our Chief Guest. We gave a small token of love to the all engineers and thanked them for the contribution they have done for the growth of our society.
Robotic Knowledge for technical students

Robots will be the men of next generation. So I thought spreading awareness about its working and also teach basics about robotics to junior students at our college. I took a session to 125 students through 3 batches. I taught them about assembling a robot and automation in the industries.   

Importance of Education
Then I made an another project in which I took help of my friend Salim and Irfan. I with them went to different colleges and took a session to convey them the importance of Education in their life. We motivated more than 200 students.

On the day of Vanamohatsava, along with my team, I planted 200 saplings at the entrance of our college. Our college staff supported me immensely in this project.  

Bus stop Painting

We gave a new look to our old bus stop. The previous bus stop which we had was in a worse condition. Then I and my team decided to paint the bus stop and give a new look to it. It was a very challenging project to me because no one was ready to remove the dirtiness which was produced by the Gutaka eating peoples. But then we sorted out the work and made the project completed. The above picture shows u a new view of the bus stop.   

Internet and computer facility

Our college students were facing problems to a project proposal to LEAD due to non availability of internet and computer. Hence I took an initiative of creating the internet facility for everyone. I went to my Principal and requested him to give us internet facility. Our Principal took understood our problem and gave 10 computers with the internet facility.  This reduced the burden of budding LEADers at our college.

International Nonviolence day
On the eve of International non violence day, I made people to take oath of being non- violent and not hurting others. During Pravachan(session) of Shri Siddeshwar Swamiji, several people had gathered. I used this opportunity to spread the message of Gandhiji. I made the gathered people to take an Oath to stop the harassment going on the women and children. I made more than 17000 public to take the Oath. 
Recognizing the unrecognized

On International Women’s Day which is celebrated on March 8 worldwide. I and my team appreciated 500 women in our town for their hard work and dedication. This was with a perspective that the most ignored part of the who contribute to our society should also be appreciated and thanked. 
The hard work invested in the above projects bore fruits when my networking grew and ability to manage team improved. LEAD team gave me an additional responsibility of managing the Social Media for Raibag and Chikodi. This won me “Best Social Media Ambassador” in LEAD Valedictory 2015.

I have traveled all the parts of the Karnataka through LEAD Prayana2015 which was two weeks leadership journey.

LEAD has improved me several ways. It has made me courageous and given me opportunities to use my energy in the right direction. 

Fund collection for Nepal by Kalaburagi LEADers

The beautiful country Nepal which is nested in the shadow of the Mt. Everest has been repeatedly hit with earthquake. It is very saddening for us to witness the death and pain looming over the mountain country. As neighbors of Nepal, It creates sense of responsibility for us to help them in the time of their distress.

 LEADer Akash of Kalaburagi took an initiative to lend a helping hand to Nepalese. He thought of collecting money in his city and donating it to Nepal Relief Fund. For this task, he formed a team of 10 members from different colleges such as Appa College o f Engineering, Goduthai College of Engineering, Vivekanada College of Engineering, Shetty Polytechnic College of Kalaburagi. The members in his team were
Aditya Nag, Kaveri. Praanita, Reshma, Shivani Awasthi, Suprita, Sirish, Shivraj Kumar, Shaik Mohd Ul Huk, Preeti. Students under the guidance of LEAD met businessmen and convinced them the importance of donating.

With their efforts, students of LEAD collected Rs. 25000/-. They took DD in the name of "Prime Minister National Fund Relief" of this amount and gave it to Deputy Commissioner of Kalaburagi to ensure that the amount reaches the right people.

My Story: Prajwal

Prajwal M ( BSc, NIE First Grade College, Mysore)

“Creating scientifically curious society is the goal of my life and  LEAD is the right platform to develop skills and abilities required to reach my goal”

I am passionate about science, especially physics. My affair with Science started during my childhood and it deepened in my high school when I started participating in Science exhibitions with my models. During Pre University Education, I built the Levitation Train with few of my friends and grabbed prizes at several competitions. 

“Physics of the Impossible” by Michio Kaku was a book that exposed me further to the vastness of the science and motivated me to start a science group called “Blackbody Science Group (Which Absorbs All Wavelength of Intuitive Minds)”. This group engages in creating interest about science among government and physically disabled school children.

Being a BSc Student of NIE G College Mysore, my dream is to create a society where science is not a subject to be learnt for exams but an approach towards life . To create this dream into reality LEAD provided me a platform. I got to know about LEAD through my physics professor who brought the Leadership Challenge-2014 poster to lab and asked me to apply some ideas to the Leadership Challenge. Without a second thought,  I grabbed this opportunity to turn my ideas into actions. 

Along with my friend Gagan, I designed “COSMIC EGG: Low Cost Inflatable Mobile Planetarium” as my LEAD Project. It is a portable mobile planetarium where 20 students can be accommodated and can be shown the wonders of universe.

I took this model to many schools and gave children the taste of Astronomy.

Under the guidance and support of LEAD, my project got selected to be exhibited at Yuva Summit 2015 held at Deshpande Foundation. My joy knew no bounds when great leaders like Gururaj Deshpande and N. R. Narayana Murthy visited my planetarium and appreciated my initiative.

The Cosmic Egg won me “The Best LEADer Award” from Kailash Satyarthi. LEAD provided me a platform to bring out my LEADership skills to the forefront. It has boosted my courage to take up new challenge and given me a hope of creating a society of scientific temper.

LEADer Asuba Priya's initiative of leadership camp

Asuba Priya is an active girl who has been inspired by ideologies of LEAD and has been taking challenges one after another to develop her leadership skills. Her recent LEAD project demonstrates her commitment towards building a country of Leaders. LEADer Asuba Priya who believes leadership qualities are essential for successful life and can be developed very early in life did a LEAD project of conducting a leadership camp for students of standard 11.

LEADer Asuba Priya conducted two day camp at Nikita Matriculation School, Coimbatore on 5 and 6 of March. For this camp, she acquired LCD Projectors and took a session for students at classroom provided by the school.  22 students attended this camp. She involved students in creative activities, skits, debates and games which enabled them to know more about themselves.  The activities energized students and highly motivated them. They requested Asuba Priya to conduct sessions every month.

Teaching and interacting with students younger than her, was a new experience to LEADer Asuba Priya. LEADer Asuba Priya says “Handling students needs lot of patience. Dealing with students in classroom activities was a new challenge to me and I am glad that I did this project.”