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Lead Leadership Camp organised for SGI College_Kolhapur

Day 1

Camp started with introduction of students with each other to make them comfortable and come out of the hesitation zone. LEAD was not much known to the students gathered there. LEAD was introduced to them, the qualities, the outcomes and the personality that it builds in every individual. Few videos about the transformation and the proud feeling in students being the part of LEAD brought the excitement in knowing more.

Mr. Absar (Lead Associate) shared his testimony; his own journey from a student life till the time he was a part of LEAD team. He also shared about his Learning, challenges and achievements through the impact of the LEAD in his personal growth. LEADer from GIT Belgaum (Awarded-Most active volunteer and Member of LEAD Prayana-2014) shared his personal experience of the 14 days journey, and how it helped him to be different and unique from others.      
Second half consisted of 4 session Team building, Creativity, Brainstorming & finally Idea generation. A team of 5 members were given tasks on team building and creativity. After completing the tasks mobile lab activity was conducted. As the excitement continued, they were then made to write down what they would do if they were given a chance to do something in Kolhapur. Many of the ideas flowed and the teams chose their tasks for the community activity. 5 minutes break was given after which they had to write, what they would do in this week and in the long run. Many creative ideas were rolled out.  Jivin a student performed a dance to keep the excitement going.


As instructed, the students were present at the premises by 10:00 am with full of energy and enthusiasm. The students were taken to the community by a bus, giving them some instructions on how to handle the situations of the community. They were dropped at different areas where they had planned to execute their projects. They were provided with 3 hours to complete the task and were told to come back at 1:15 pm to same place where they were dropped.
                          All the teams came back by 2:00 pm and by 2:30 we were in the premises. After the lunch break of 30 min all the teams gathered back and were given 15 min to prepare the presentation on what they had done. Two teams made a skit, one team enacted on what they had done and the other two teams gave formal presentation. Totally 5 teams completed 8 projects i.e.
1.      Rankala was cleaned and created the awareness about the importance of hygiene.
2.      Giving street food vendors the gloves and caps to maintain hygiene.
3.      Visited orphanage and organised activities with the kids.
4.      Cleaned PWD office.
5.      Placed cardboards and dustbins in City Bus Stand.
6.      Distributed the old clothes to the needy.
7.      Awareness on Traffic Rules (using helmet, seat belts, traffic signal)
8.      Visited blind school and organized creative activities.
                       Students had a great experience in the community activities; they came across lot of challenges and appreciation. At the end we discussed about the individual projects and future plans and also asked each one of them to visit Deshpand Foundation after completion of one project.

Nizamabad-LEAD Valedictory 2014

The 2014 LEAD Valedictory function was held on April 12th, 2014, at the head office of Kakatiya Sandbox, Nizamabad. Leaders got special recognition and gratitude for the accomplishments and initiatives, in the presence of Special Guests of Honor, Principals, Faculties and Leaders of different colleges from Nizamabad and Karimnagar. The event attracted and unified over 250 students along with their parents, faculties and principals of 10 different colleges of Nizamabad and Karimnagar.

The Honorable guests for the gathering were Mr. Raju Reddy (Founder & CEO - Sierra Atlantic), Mr. Phanindra Sama (Founder & CEO, Dr. Krishna Reddy (Founder of Care Hospitals), Mr. Radha Krishna Chauhan (Magistrate of Nizamabad District Court), Mr. Narender Reddy (Chairman of Vijay Institutions) and Mr. Naveen Jha (CEO - Deshpande Foundation, India).

The event started with an invocation song and later Mr. Ajay Shukla (LEAD Functional Head) welcomed the guests and also gave a brief introduction about LEAD- Kakatiya Sandbox.

The guests addressed that gathering, Mr. Radha Krishna Chauhan (Magistrate- Nizamabad District Court) said that “LEAD is doing very good job to enhance the quality of the youth at Nizamabad through different programs and activities”. He assured that he will always help and support the LEAD program whenever required.

Dr. Krishna Reddy (Founder of Care Hospitals) shared that LEAD is taking the action of prevention and proving that prevention is better than cure and also wished the LEADer for their bright future. Where as Mr. Raju Reddy (Founder & CEO of Sierra Atlantic) shared that “LEAD has achieved tremendously and growing vibrantly to showcase the talent of Nizamabad youth to the international level” and also Mr. Naveen Jha (CEO - Deshpande Foundation India) said that “We are going to expand our activities in entire state to bring the spark in the student life especially rural areas for the Better India” .

Leaders shared their experience that they gained from LEAD and about their leadership projects. Ms. Sharon Blessi, LEADer from SRCW said that, “LEAD helps us to realize ourselves, that the potential and the energy we have which can be utilized for the betterment of the society”, and also Mr. Rajesh Alonea, LEADer from VREC said that “LEAD not only gives importance to social problem but it helps to solve problem with socio-technique way”. 

The guests appreciated the students work and rewarded the best in various categories:

Category Of Awards
Best Leader
Venu Madhav
Social Media intern
Venu Madhav
Shrutha Keerthi
Best Active Volunteer, Master Leader and Lead Ambassador
Ch. Dayakar
P.Rani Chaithanya
D.Shrutha Keerthi
Srujan Mara
Mahesh E
Best Supportive Faculty
Dr. Venu Gopal
Environment LEADer
Nikitha Omkar
Technical Leader
Rajesh Alonea
Supportive Leader
Sai Teja
Most Active Leader
Sharon Blessi
Creative Leader
Macha Madhuri