Protecting Deer by LEADer Mahalinga KS

LEADer Mahalinga KS from Veershaiva College Bellary realized that in his region, there was a critical situation of deer being killed.

First, he and his team collected data through qualitative measures such as asking neighbouring people, exploring the areas where deer are found, and speaking with forest officials. They also collected any quantitative measures they could find, such as population numbers. It was a challenge collecting the first-hand data, as this involved going to the forested areas when the deers live in the hot summer months.

They then took all this data and compiled it, and gave it to the forest office, local government, and local police so they would better understand the situation of deers being killed. They also wanted to make sure that not only the authorities knew, but the people knew about the issues as well. They went around to villagers to distribute information and pamphlets, attempting to change the village mindset about deer killing.

The team got a good response from the villagers and authorities when they shared the information. They feel positive that their project has had a positive impact in changing how the villagers think about the deers, thus reducing the amount of deer killed in the region.

My Story: Yuvaraj Patil

My Story: Yuvaraj Patil, VSMIT Nipani

There was one day which turned my life towards achievement. Our sir at college came and informed us to join one programme. We all went it to the presentation... it was the LEAD program. I got impressed by listening about LEAD and by watching the project videos. I saw the LEAD slogan: "complaints start with they... solutions starts with I". This slogan pushed me to achieve something. It is made me to look for problem around me that I could solve. 
By keeping the slogan in mind I went home and started thinking over it. Since my home is in rural area, I found lots of problems. In my home itself there was smoke problem from the traditional chula. I wanted to reduce my mother's effort by solving this problems. I start to think over it and I got a solution that is I made a smokeless chula .
Yuvaraj with his smokeless chula installed in a home
Traditional chula produces more smoke and that has an effect on the health of the chef and also on the food. I found a solution to reduce the smoke, in and developed one smokeless chula which works on traditional fuel only but produces less smoke. I have fitted one small part which blows oxygen to fuel and causes complete combustion of the fuel therefore smoke gets reduces. The blower works on a mobile charger and battery so it is economic for rural people.
By seeing this project my mother was so much happy that she showed this project to all her group of women friends. Since the cost of this project is low and it is very effective, they have demanded for this project as well.
On 1st January 2015 was very lucky and very important for me. I received a call from LEAD Deshpande Foundation, they wanted to see my project. I went and I showed my project and came back to home. The next morning only I saw my news in various news papers as a “FIGHT AGAINST THE POLLUTION”. I felt very much happy and my parents were also proud of me.
I was selected for LEAD Prayana 2015 and my project was selected for showcasing in Yuva Summit 2015. I enjoyed and also I learn lot in Prayana and at Yuva Summit. I exhibited my project in front of the role models, and in award ceremony I sat on a chair in crowd. There was one announcement from Ajay sir, functional head of LEAD, that was "the Best LEADer award goes to Yuvaraj Patil". I was surprised because I could not have thought that I will get this award. I accepted my Best LEADer award on stage from Nobel Prize Winner Kailash Satyarthi-ji .
Accepting the Best LEADer award at Yuva Summit 2016
I went back to my village but I did not stop my work. I started thinking over more problems, because I found lot of problems around me. And I started to solve the problems through LEAD projects. I completed more than 20 projects.
Conducting one of many projects: reducing daytime home electricity usage with waste bottles
While doing these projects the villagers were observing me. They thought that I would be a good leader... they changed their perspective about me since I was always very quiet. One day the ex-Panchayat member came to my home and he suggested to me to stand for election. I was shocked for a few seconds, but I thought that this is a very good chance to do something for my village and so I said yes.
Yuvaraj after his Gram Panchayat ceremony
Because of all my work in my LEAD projects the people elected me as a Gram Panchayat Vice-Chairman without any opposite competitor. If LEAD is not with me then I could not be a leader as a Gram Panchayat Chairman. 
At last I want to tell you all my friends that LEAD is a bridge from normal student to successful leader. One of the most important things I learned from LEAD is that converting an idea into reality with great effort is the moment of success. No matter if the idea is small or bigger, converting it into reality is the main thing I learned in LEAD.
Yuvaraj sharing his My Story on stage at Yuva Summit 2016

Head-Controlled Computer Mouse by LEADer Shadab

LEADer Shadab from NTTF College Belur invented the "Head Mouse". Shadab reasoned that some people with developmental and locomotive disabilities cannot use their hands to operate a computer mouse. In this project, he developed a hands-free computer mouse that moves the cursor according to the movement of our head.

The clicks and double clicks are obtained by breadth inputs. It uses an accelerometer and gyroscope fixed in the mouse to track the movement of the users head with I2C communication. This data is then used by a onboard micro-controller to analyze the motion of the user. This then communicates the computer-wired (bluetooth)/ wirelessly (user preference) and moves the cursor via serial communication. The mouse uses a microphone to get users breath inputs in the form of blows to analyses the breath to be left click, right click, double click or scroll. The mouse then sends the cursor and click data to computer either via Bluetooth or via USB Cable.

Scientifically, head movements have 6 degrees of freedom. An accelerometer cannot alone track all the 6 degrees of freedom, but only is limited to 4 degrees of freedom. Coupling a gyroscope with it adds another 2 Degree of freedom. This realization overcame one of the major challenges Shadab faced in designing the head mouse.

While this project is still in developmental phase, it is a great example of combining skills learned in college with a social project that could have a big impact in the lives of others.

Helping Blind Students by LEADer Jyoti H

Some times blind students face problems in writing examinations because the examination board allows one person to attend the examination along with the blind candidate. But what happens if sometime the supporting member does not catch their sentences properly? It will effect their result.

LEADer Jyoti H from Jigular Women's College thought this to herself, and wanted to make a difference. She took permission from her hostel warden to teach economics (her degree) for the eight blind students who were studying the subject, to ensure they had the extra help and tutoring they needed.

Jyoti also realized that it was important to ensure the blind students had the right helper to transcribe their examination answers. Jyoti helped the students determine the good quality helpers, thus making the students feel more positive and interested to learn.

By assisting these students to do their best without treating them like they were less, Jyoti made a positive difference in the lives of her fellow students that had a visual impairment. 

Educational Trip for Poor Children by LEADer Saibindu and Shashidhar

Children getting off the bus in Hampi
Without any resources, destitute children lack to ability to explore and learn about the world around them. LEADers Saibindu and Shashidhar from Veerashaiva College wanted to give the opportunity to these children to do that which they would otherwise never get the chance.

Saibindu and Shashidhar took 42 children from the destitute children home in Bellari to the historical town and sites of Hampi. After getting permission from the home, teaching themselves all the key information about Hampi historical sites to teach to the students, they transported the students to Hampi in a bus they rented with funding from LEAD.

LEADers with some of the teachers
and children
This one-of-a-kind project made the children so happy and excited, all while learning about the different temples and ruins in Hampi and seeing the Hospet Dam. They were able to experience travelling to visit a very famous place, and the LEADers felt very proud that they were able to help the children forget about their poverty and sadness for even one day, and hopefully motivate them for future.

There were no doubt challenges, including receiving all the appropriate permissions as well as ensuring the safety of the children and getting tickets for the monuments for each one. However, the LEADers and children both thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned a lot.

Media coverage of the project

New Agricultural Techniques Awareness with LEADer Harish D

LEADer Harish D from Veershaiva College Bellary realized that there were many new agricultural machines, innovations, and subsidy programs, but without awareness, farmers were unable to take advantage of them. Harish took it upon himself to share this information with the farmers, and inspired his fellow leaders to join him in his awareness campaign.

Media coverage of the project
Harish conducting information
sessions for farmers
Harish and his team held information sessions in villages, 
spreading awareness to over 600 farmers in total. Not only did the team inform the farmers of the new techniques and programs, but encouraged and helped them to take advantage. With the help of Harish and his team, 7 farmers (with help from 45 others) received a commercial loan to purchase new innovative farming equipment, in which the farmers received a discount of 14 lacs on the equipment. In total, 50 farmers benefitted from this new equipment. Another farmer, with information from Harish, purchased 2 buffalo and one cow to improve his farming. 

One challenge for the group was to gather the farmers in one place to do the information session. They know it would take significant time to share the information door-to-door, so with the help of a few local people, the team went around to invite the farmers to a central location. Harish also found it challenging to convince the bank to offer low-interest loans to the farmers. Many of the farmers had limited history with banking, and therefore both the banks and farmers were hesitant.

Harish and team receiving award at
 Yuva Summit 2016
For this project, Harish won a Best Leader Award at Yuva Summit 2016, receiving it onstage in front of a crowd of over 4000 from Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus. John Deere Bellary also appreciated Harish for his work getting their innovative equipment to the farmers who need it most. 

LEAD Valedictory 2016 - Belagavi

Dignitaries visiting the project showcase
On 23rd April, Belagavi's LEAD Valedictory 2016 was hosted at KLES Belagavi. The event included guest speakers, a project showcase of 36 of the year's top projects, student story sharing, and 8 awards presented to deserving students. Over 100 students and faculty attended the event. 

During this event, Mr. Naveen Jha (CEO, Deshpande Foundation)Dr. S. V. Divekar (Dean of Infrastructure, GIT College), and Mr. Yuvaraj Patil (Lead Ambassador, VSMIT Nippani and Gram Panchyat Vice President, Nitawade, Kolaphur District) presided over the celebration. 
Special guests with newly designated Master LEADers
and LEAD Ambassadors
LEAD Valedictory is also the time to start thinking about the year to come. 19 LEADers were promoted to Master LEADer in order to start their journey in promoting LEAD throughout their colleges and helping to unleash the leadership potential in those student around them. Four students were promoted to LEAD Ambassador, the next step in the LEAD levels and a great achievement. 

Deshpande Foundation CEO Mr. Naveen Jha present token
of recognition to unrecognized woman Ms. Chougala
As the theme of the event was "Recognizing the Unrecognized", LEAD also recognized a woman in the community whose valuable work goes unseen. Special guest Ms. Madhavi Chougala, a cleaning lady at Maratha Mandal Engineering College. This act is a continuation of the successful International Women's Day project taken on by LEADers across the country.

One of the major components of the Valedictory is providing recognition and congratulations to the top LEAD students of the year from the respective area. Below are the winners of the 8 awards presented at the Belagavi Valedictory 2016.

Best Initiative Social Project - Divya Hiremath 
Best Fundraiser: Vedanth M, GIT Belgaum
Most Active Prayanee:  Vaishnavi Hatrote, KLECET Belgaum 
Best Awareness Project: Suyash V, JCE Belgaum
Most Initiatives Taken: Chetan Kulkarni
Most Active Volunteer: Arpan Sathapathy and Manish Noola
Best Creative Team:  KLECT Belgaum
Best Initiative in Education: GIT Belgaum

LEAD student sharing their leadership story and experiences

LEAD Valedictory 2016 - Varanasi

Special guest Mr. Nasib Bamal visiting project showcase
On 18th April, Ek Soch Sandbox at MCIIE (IIT BHU) hosted the LEAD Varanasi Valedictory of 2016.

The event was organized to appreciate and award the college youth for their leadership initiatives that they took to solve the problems of the local community.

College youth and faculties based at Varanasi and surrounding participated to witness the exhibition of top 25 leadership projects and awards to the best leaders.

The guests of honour of the event were Wing Commander Mr. Nasib Bamal (Commanding Officer, 7UP Air Sqn BHU, VNS), Dr. P.K. Mishra (HoD, Chemical Engg. Dept. & Coordinator TBI, IIT BHU), Dr. P.K. Sharma (Program Coordinator, NSS BHU), and Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla (Functional Head, LEAD, Deshpande Foundation).

Out of 108 leaders who successfully executed their ideas into action as leadership projects, 7 leaders were appreciated for the remarkable leadership work that they have done to bring a positive change in the society.
Shabnam and Amrita receiving Best Leader Award
Arya Roshan receiving Master Leader designation

Awarded leaders include; 
  • Leaders Rishu Kumar and team (BHU) - Best Team Award for executing 10 leadership projects in the team of 12 members
  • Leader Priyanka Srivastav (Rajkiya Mahila Mahavidyalay, DLW) - Most Female Empowerment Initiatives Award. She executed 9 leadership projects along with her friend Susheela to solve the problems of DLW surrounding community. Read more about one of Priyanka's projects here
  • Master Leader Uttam Dixit (BHU) - Best Leader Award for bringing tech solutions in promoting the education and ensuring 500 meters of road construction by motivating and ensuring the use of allotted fund to the village panchayat at Susuwahi. Read more one of Uttam's projects here.
  • Leader Dharmendra Patel (BHU) - Best LEADer and Best Project Awards for executing four leadership projects (helped 150 people to get the Aadhar Card, helped 250+ villagers to get the ration card without any extra fee, helping 118 village women and youth to open their bank accounts in UBI). Read more about the projects here.
  • Leader Anand Krishna (DAV College) - Most Daring Leadership Project Award for initiating and executing the project in four district jails to teach the kids below 6 years who live along with their mothers within the jail premises, executed same project for bricks Klein (Bhatta) workers' kids. Read more about the project here
  • Leaders Shabnam and Amrita (ABRPG College, Anpara, Sonbhadra) - Best Leader Award for raising the funds and cloths from the localities and helping the 100+ people living on the roads and in slum in winter season.
Four leaders were promoted to Master Leader to further enhance their leadership skills and spread to word about LEAD on their college campuses. The new Master LEADers for 2016/2017 are Uttam Dixit (FoSc. BHU), Dharmendra Patel (FoA, BHU), Arya Roshan (SHEPA College), and Priyanka Dey (VKM, BHU).

Ms. SurShakti receiving recognition
As the theme of the event was "Recognizing the Unrecognized", LEAD also recognized a woman in the community whose valuable work goes unseen. Special guest SurShakti cooks the midday meal and cleans the campus at a local primary school, all while raising her family on her own. This act is a continuation of the successful International Women's Day project taken on by LEADers across the country. 

LEAD Valedictory 2016 - Hubballi

The event started with a showcase of 50+
of the best projects from the year
LEAD Hubballi celebrated the accomplishments of LEAD 8 in their Valedictory ceremony on 20th April, 2016 with the theme "Recognizing the Unrecognized".

Guests of honour watering the plants for inauguration
The guests of honour, Mr Laxman Uppar (Director, Classic KAS & IAS Study Circle), Mr. Rupam Das (Hubballi Area Director, Clarks Inn Group of Hotels), Sister Erminia (Our Lady of Lourdes German Hospital, Dharwad), and Mr. Naveen Jha (CEO, Deshpande Foundation) presided over the celebration. The event was attended by more than 250 LEADers, students, and faculty from the locations of Hubballi, Dharwad, Haliyal, Sirsi, Hulkoti, and Ballari.

Many LEAD students were awarded for their accomplishments this year (see full list below).

Manjunath Gogi from KLEIT Hubballi won Most Promising LEADer for his dedication and work in his project TALAASH, a competition for technical ideas to win seed funding and startup mentorship, now in its third year. You can read more about Manjunath's story here.

AKSF Fellowship winning Best Team
Kush from NTTP Dharwad receiving
Best Innovative Idea from Mr. Laxman Uppar
Valedictory is also the mark to start preparing for the coming year. Harish Gadgin for KLEIT Hubballi was promoted to LEAD Ambassador, the highest LEADer level and a great accomplishment, and 17 LEADers were promoted to Master LEADer in order to start their journey in promoting LEAD throughout their colleges and helping to unleash the leadership potential in those students around them.

Best Awareness Project: "Career guidance program"by Varadh Kulkarni, Veerashaiva College Ballari
Best Adult Education Project: "Darkness to Bright Future" by Jyoti Hanagi, Jigulur Womens College Dharwad
Best Children's Education Project: "Destitute Children Hampi Trip" by Saibindu & Shashi, Veerashaiva College Ballari
Most Initiatives Taken: Sardharganesh H V, Veerashaiva College Ballari
Most Creative Project: "Canteen Renovation" by Raghavendra & Shushant, KCD Dharwad
Best Community Project: "Painting Road Breaks and Bus Stand" by Sampath & Abhishek, GFGC Kalghatagi
Best Innovative Idea: "Head Mouse" by Kush, NTTF Dharwad
Most Promising LEADer: Manjunath Gogi, KLEIT Hubballi
Best Fundraiser: "Help the Needy", Veerashaiva College Ballari
Best Team: "Wearing Helmets Saves Lives", AKSF Fellowship Hubballi

LEAD Chikodi Valedictory 2016

LEAD Chikodi marked a momentous day as LEAD 8 came to a close and the year's accomplishments were celebrated with the theme of "Recognizing the Unrecognized". On 15th April 2016, LEAD Chikodi celebrated its Valedictory in collaboration with VSMIT Nipani.

The guests of honour, Mr. B A Pujari (Principal KLE’s C B Kore Polytechnic College Chikodi), Mr. Abhinandan K (LEAD Team Deshpande Foundation, Hubballi), and Dr. U S Hampanavar (Principal, VSMIT, Nipani) presided over the event.

The event was attended by more than 150 LEADers, students, and faculty who witnessed this celebratory and informative event. The students from the different locations of Chikodi, Nipani, Raibag, and Nidsoshi took part in the event.

Many LEAD students were awarded with Best LEADer and Best Project awards. Asma, Saleem, Darshan, Archana & Deepak were awarded for their initiatives taken in different fields. Several other LEADers were also celebrated for their projects that have made an impact.

Sandesh J from Raibag Polytechnic College was awarded Best LEADer for his work with LEAD over the last 2 years. Sandesh grew from a shy student to a leader, and has done projects in many different fields. You can read his My Story by clicking here.

Accolades were also presented for Best Supporting Faculty and Best Supporting College. Mr. Rakesh G. was awarded Best Supporting Faculty, VSMIT Nipani & C B Kore Polytechnic won Best Supporting College, and Smt. A A Patil’s Women’s College won Best Team Award. You can read about the Toilets for All project, conducted by the team from winning college Smt. A A Patil's Women College, by clicking here.

Valedictory is also the mark to start preparing for the coming year. Three LEADers were promoted to LEAD Ambassador, the highest LEADer level and a great accomplishment, and 8 LEADers were promoted to Master LEADer in order to start their journey in promoting LEAD throughout their colleges and helping to unleash the leadership potential in those students around them.