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LEaders of VREC took initiative to increase the General Knowledge of youngsters

LEADer Satya Phanindra, Archana, Ravali, Divya and Sharmila of Vijay Rural Engineering College took initiative to conduct the quiz competition for the technical students to empower the students and to give a plat form for the hidden talents as the technical students get very few opportunities to showcase their knowledge. Leaders also wanted to motivate other students to get updated with the current affairs which would help them in future.  

The quiz was organised on the eve of Independence Day, on the various topics like Indian History, Indian Politics, Mythology, Science and Technology, Current affairs, General Knowledge and sports. To the LEaders surprise, seventy students had enrolled the names to participate in the competition which was divided into seventeen groups. Each group had three to four members. Prof. Sunil Kumar, Prof. Rama Chary, Prof. Swapna, Prof. Prem Kumar, Prof. Krishna helped the LEADers in screening the students and conducting the quiz competition.

LEaders conducted the quiz competition in six different rounds. In each round certain group who scored less was eliminated. Four groups reached the finals amongst which Aneekth Singh and his team of 3rd Year Civil Engineering was the winners and G.Akitha Reddy and her team of 3rd Year Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) were the runners up who were later presented with individual rewards.
While implementing the idea the LEADers faced challenges as they were very busy with the academic schedule. LEaders took it as a challenge and two of them prepared 250 slides of questions and answers in just one night. LEaders aimed at the results and the success of the quiz. While Leaders were preparing for the quiz they too gained more number of facts which helped them in improving their knowledge.

Vidyadhaan by the LEADers of Vijay Rural Engineering College

LEaders of Vijay Rural Engineering College, Satyaphanindra, Charan, Srujan and Rajesh took the initiative to spread knowledge by implanting their idea Vidyadhaan. LEaders feel that it is an idea to spread knowledge for all especially to make the rural students access to good knowledge oriented and subject oriented books.

LEADers approached to 500+ students of their college and asked them to donate books & stationary items like aprons, drifters and scientific calculators, which were used by the students in their previous academic years.
LEaders thought of the idea because they had identified that there are many poor students studying in the college, who cannot even afford to buy the necessary things.

LEaders with the support of their librarian convinced their Principal to allocate a bookshelf for preserving the obtained things and also they are maintaining a register for systematic process. Till date many important volumes of subject oriented books and stationary items are received and around 60 students are benefiting by the initiative.

To turn the idea into action was challenging as the students had visited several times to Principal to seek the permission for book shelf. LEaders explained several times to the other students for the purpose of collecting books and other stationery articles. Students realized the purpose and started responding to the LEADers was most overwhelming moment for them. Faculties and the fellow mates appreciated the efforts of them which made them feel happier. LEaders learnt the art of convincing the people for the right cause. Knowledge is the resource, which cannot be destroyed is what LEADers said.

LEADers of MES College celebrated Teacher's day in a unique way.

LEaders Archana Hegde, Chetana, Ganapati of MES College of Commerce Sirsi took initiative to celebrate the teacher’s day by conducting some activities to them as they teach and guide students to follow the right path. Students honoured the lecturers with flowers, and conducted Leadership Activities for the teaching faculties so that they take up the initiative to encourage other students, to showcase the talents that they have and also to minimize the gap between the lecturers and students.

In order to appreciate the efforts of the faculties the students gifted them with the hand-made greeting cards prepared by the LEAD students which were prepared during LEAD leadership Program.

First activity was about promoting the students to attend the classes. The faculties were given five minutes of preparation time to enact on the situation, where there are no students coming to our college and the lecturers should take up the initiatives to attract students.
Second activity was to perform the skit on any scene of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Faculties were given five minutes of preparation time and 15 minutes to showcase the skit. Two teams prepared the skit which was appreciated by all.

Third activity was to pick and run. The faculties were requested to stand near the audience and they had to collect the things announced by the organizers of the game and give the things as soon as possible. Whoever brought it first was given the scores.

Faculties of MES College appreciated the efforts of the students.

LEader Makarand designed a system to switch on and off the pump set with just a message.

Leader Makarand designed a system which helps the farmer to switch on and off the pump just by sending an SMS. Makarand’s dad is a Doctor. Once late mid at 12 am a man visited his house. LEADer enquired with the person about his late night visit and he got to know that the person had a snake bite while he had been to his farm late in the evening to switch on the pump. Next Morning Makarand met the farmer and asked the problems relating to switching on water pumps. Farmer said that there will be a problem relating to phase, because the phase will be provided during Night time after 11'o clock. Makarand met other farmers and he heard the same problem from most of the farmers.

Makarand then started to think and came up with the solution and designed a prototype and it worked for small motor of 12v. LEader then increased that to 440v, to balance with the pump set in the field which helps the farmer to start his water pump with the help of his mobile that is through GSM Facility (global system of mobility). Basically the project works on the concept of SMS (short message service). When a farmer sends a message, the device turns on and he gets the acknowledgement message as Device on and if the pump wants it to be off, farmer sends a message as turn off, the device gets turned off, which helps the farmer to switch on or off the water pump from any part of the world.

It successfully worked, and this project is being implemented in two Fields at Belgaum. The market price of the product is 6000, but the prototype designed by Makarand is just costing about 1800/- with the intention that all the farmers can afford for it. Farmer who had a snake bite is using the device and he is grateful to Makarand and said "Thank You Sir, for making a wonderful project for us". Makarand is happy with the initiative that he has implemented in Belagum.

LEaders of KLECET Chikodi created awareness about Ebola

The Ebola is known as the most dangerous virus now day. Ebola virus disease (EVD), Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF), or simply Ebola is a disease of humans and other Primates caused by an Ebola Virus Symptoms start two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever, sore throat, Muscle pain and Headaches. Typically, vomiting, diarrhea and rash follow, along with decreased functioning of the liver and kidneys. Around this time, affected people may begin to bleed both with the body and externally.

No specific treatment for the disease is yet available. The disease has a high risk of death, killing between 50% and 90% of those infected with the virus. As of 26 August 2014, 3,069 suspected cases resulting in the deaths of 1,552 have been reported.

With the motto of prevention is always better than cure, LEaders created awareness about Ebola virus in Chikodi city. Rameez Landge and Pooja Patil along with the team members; Sachin Shinde, Adiveppa Katti, Shashikant Kakandki, Manoj Patole, Bilal, Akshata, Pratibha and Priyanka from KLECET Chikodi took initiative to create awareness amongst the people about Ebola Virus Disease. LEADers went to community and educated people about Ebola with the help of banners and hand written bills. Students also reached people in bus stops, rickshaw stops, Govt Hospitals etc. Around 500+ people were informed about Ebola and the prevention from it. People were happy with the initiatives taken by the LEaders.