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International Non-Violence Day 2014

October 2nd marked Mahatma Ghandi’s birthday and, subsequently, International Non-Violence Day. For this occasion, LEader K. Akhil (Sri Sai Raghavendra) facilitated a communal Non-Violence Oath in his classroom in Nizamabad for over 11 students. This oath is particularly aimed at stopping violence against women, in public and in the home.

Similarly, Ch. Nagavadhini and his team members Ravali and Sneha (VREC) went to an orphanage in Subhash Nagara & Pulong to share with the children the kind of violence that people, particularly women, are still facing today. They lead the 25 people in taking an oath against this violence, stating that they will not participate in such, and will stand up for the victims.

Meanwhile, LEader Harish Gadagin (Khkabbur Institute of Engineering and Technology, Dharwad) decided to make the pledge with 680 staff and students of JK Education Society’s DK Public School Santosh Nagar, Hubli. The oath took place at the school assembly on October 2nd, 2014.

LEader Shivaraj M.U. Organizes Blood Donation Camp

On account of National Blood Donation Day, Shivaraj M.U. (Khkabbur Institute of Enginnering and Technology, Dharwad) decided he wanted to set up a blood donation camp, along with fellow LEaders Harish Gadagin, Raju Naik, Soumya Rogi and KHK LEaders. These students recognized the importance of having a well-stocked blood bank, as many people lose their lives when they are in need of blood and don’t get it fast enough. They decided to partner with the Karnataka Institute of Medical Science (KIMS), Hubli, to hold a blood donation event on October 10th 2014, being National Blood Donation Day. More than 250 peoples registered for the camp, and 130+ people donated blood. It is estimated that more than 450 people will benefit from this project.

LEader Kalyan Chakravarthy Goud Encourages Proper Dustbin Use

Kalyan and his team members Sai Kiran, Meenakshi and Ch.Nagavardhini (GSCET) were compelled to change the way people were disposing of their waste in Vinayak Nagar Nizamabad. They noticed a great deal of trash littered around, and a lack of people using the dustbin provided. They wanted to see the dustbin area clean and in-use, so they made it happen. They gathered supplies to clean the dustbin, and gathered all the surrounding garbage and put it all in the bin. They noticed that as soon as it was cleaned up and people saw what they were doing, they immediately started using it as well. They also encouraged the colony (of about 80 people) to continue using the bin properly, to keep the environment clean and safe.

LEader Prabhu Agadi Creates an Inspirational Notice Board

Prabhu Agadi, along with Kalmesh, Shreeshail and Ravi. Chikkanagodar (KLE'S Society Shri Mrityunjaya College of Commerce and Arts & BBA Dharwad) noticed that many students were doing great things on and off campus, but these achievements were not being properly showcased to honour their actions. This is why the four students decided to create a notice board on Basal Institute’s campus, to highlight young leaders and the things they are doing to better society. This will not only support and encourage students, but also the college as a whole.

LEader Akhil Surveys Problems in Nizamabad Government Hospital

In Nizamabad, there is only one hospital to care for everyone. LEader Akhil had caught wind of issues at the one and only hospital, such as a lack of daily cleaning and water facilities, and instances of patients getting mixed up. He decided he wanted to learn more about what was actually going on in this hospital. Akhil, along with Harshitha, Saketh, Navanitha, Sravan, Prashanth (SSR, NDC, VREC, KCEA) decided to survey the admitted patients in the hospital, to find the inside scoop on what the problems are, and how they could solve them. They first obtained permission from the Charge, who allowed them to survey in 3 of the 4 wards (the 4th was in bad condition). They discussed the hospital’s problems with over 50 people, in the process learning how to interview strangers and gaining ideas of how to make the hospital a better place.

LEader Aparna Bhalchandra Creates the "Mr. Allrounder" Kitchen Appliance

Miss. Aparna Bhalchandra Kulkarni and her partners Aparna Bhalchandra Kulkarni, Mrunal Anand Marathe, Bhagyashri Prasad Kulkarni, Monika Anil Satpute, Pratibha Tukaram Patil and Tejaswini Suryakant Sandage of DKTE Society’s Textile & Engineering Institute (Ichalkaranji) had the idea of creating an all-in-one kitchen aid appliance planted in their minds. However, it wasn't until they participated in the LEAD Leadership Challenge that they had the platform to turn their idea into reality. They had all experienced the time and labor consuming nature of kitchen work, and wanted to build a low-cost appliance that would ease the mealtime preparation process.
Firstly, they designed the machine using CATIA software. Then, with the guidance from Mr. Nikhil Pattanshetti and Mr.Swapnil Koli, they began to turn the design into the tangible “Mr. Allrounder.” They hunted for suitable, low-cost materials, and settled on plywood, N8 bolts and stainless steel upon trial and error. As it is made up of wood, it is shock and corrosion resistant, making it safe and hygienic. They executed the manufacturing process in a carpentry and machine shop. During which time, they also installed a motor that would surely cut all the necessary fruits and vegetables - onion, potato, carrot, brinjal, leafy greens, apples, guava, and the like. This project is low-cost and highly efficient, decreasing labour time and effort. As number of operations can be done at once, it can function as a domestic appliance but also in large-scale productions such as in hotel kitchens, orphanages, seniors’ homes, etc.

LEader B.Sai Kiran to Eliminate Plastics

LEader B.Sai Kiran and his colleagues Kalyan , Nagavardhini and Meenakshi (KCEA) noticed that people are using plastics more than ever these days, and this habit is having a very negative impact on the environment. As a means to combat this ecological problem, these leaders went door-to-door and encouraged people, in 30+ homes and shops, to reduce their plastic usage or avoid it altogether, as there are many replacement materials that can be better recycled and have less of a negative effect on our planet and our health. 

LEaders Clean Gulbarga and Raise Health Awareness

Shivani D. Patil couldn’t help but notice that many people of Gulbarga were not making full use of the government dustbin, resulting in many environmental and health issues. The trash was scattered around the area, and children would play in this unsanitary environment. Shivani, along with Vaishnavi Kulkarni, Bhagyashree Saraf, Rakesh Sitnoor and Divyarani S.K, noticed the unfriendly odour and the increase in mosquitos during monsoon season as well, and decided to take action to make it a cleaner, healthier space. The first obtained permission from the Commissioner, and later convened with a local environmental engineer and a health inspector, and they cleaned the area. Additionally, they visited the Mayor, who personally visited the site as well. They requested that a door-to-door garbage collection be formally put in place to address the systemic waste and health issues in the community, which is to be implemented soon. The Leaders then went door-to-door, visiting with people and asking them to re-consider their waste removal practices. They encouraged the residents to lessen their use of plastic, to separate their dry and wet waste, and to use their dustbin and empty it into the garbage truck when it comes. Overall, this project benefitted 1000 people.

LEaders raise Rs. 2,000 for Physically Challenged Association

The Physically Challenged Association in Alvan Galli (Belguam) cares for about 20-25 challenged members. Nine students decided they wanted to assist this organization in promoting their products in the marketplace, as well as provide financial assistance to them. To do this, poonam R. Nesargi and his peers Priya Chavan, Sucheta, Sukanya Varale, Lathika,Munish Noola, Kousthub, Prem and Praveen took the products the members of the organization had manufactured (such as Phenyl, liquid soap, copper shine, etc.) and sold them in the bazaar. They were met with some tough customers, but ultimately ended up selling out of their stock, and earning Rs. 2,000 for the association.

LEaders Encouraging Patriotism in Citizens by Gathering and Singing the National Anthem

Manish M Noola and his team members Priya Chavan, Abhidnya, Vaishnavi, Rasik, Sukanya and Nivedita, from Jain College of Engineering, noticed that many people do not sing India’s national anthem, and some so not even know it. For this reason, they gathered approximately 50 people from around the old bus stand, distributed printouts of the national anthem in both Kannada and Hindi, shared their vision and lastly, sang together! Afterwards, they encouraged the participants to pass along the message by posting the lyrics at the bus stand or in their homes.