LEADer Suhas's Initiative at Thimapur

“Sanitation is more important than Independence” Gandhiji

In all the civilization of the earlier world – may be Mesopotamian, Egyptian or Harappan civilization all have stressed upon sanitation. However from last few centuries, the lower class of Indians seem to have forgotten about the significance of sanitation. 

Suhas and his team during their visit to village Thimmapur in Karimnagar noticed the lack of knowledge about sanitation among people there. Hence under his leadership, he took up a LEAD project for the village in Thimmapur. He created awareness about sanitation and convinced them about the requirement of bathroom.  He visited around 80 houses and educated them.

As a model, he and his team built a bathroom as shown in the picture using the materials available in the surroundings. They enlightened people about the facilities provided by the government for construction of bathroom and toilets.

His project tried to solve one of the major problems that India is facing. The dream of India, Swachh Bharat can be achieved only when every Indian citizen works to  make their best contribution towards making the dream a reality.

LEAD Valedictory 2015 at Sirsi

Students in blue t-shirt gathered at the auditorium of M. E. S College of Commerce to celebrate LEAD Valedictory. LEAD Program in the academic year of 2014-15 had got 250 members who have completed 200 LEADership projects and touched lives of 6 lakh in the taluk of Sirsi. The valedictory function was celebrated on 17th April at Sirsi to commemorate the hard work, innovation and achievement of young leaders in this particular year.  

The program began at 11 in the morning with the invocation song and lighting the lamp. Guests of Honor of the valedictory function were Mr. R.G.Hegde ex-principal of MES College of Commerce who continuously supported LEAD at his college campus from last 5 years Mr. Ravi Nayak, Principal of MES College of Commerce; Mrs. Veda Hegde ,Progressive  Agriculturist (state award holder in animal husbandry); Mrs. Malagiridhar, Psychologist, Founder of PrashantiFoundation; Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla, Team Leader, LEAD, Deshpande Foundation.

The leaders shared their leadership stories and their experiences about LEAD projects. Then the guests of honour addressed the gathering. Then Prof. R. G. Hegde was felicitated for supporting LEAD in M. E. S College since LEAD’s inception in Sirsi. Prof. R. G. Hegde addressed the gathering. He expressed his opinion about LEAD and said that it is multifaceted program as it involves leadership, society and students.

Ravi Nayak spoke to the crowd and told them the importance understand Leadership in India. He said “Leadership is within each one. We believe a common man cannot become a leader. But India is a country where a tea seller can become Prime Minister (Narendra Modi), Indian revenue officer can become chief Minister (Arvind Kejriwal). If you have zeal and enthusiasm, then you can grow to become a great human being. ”

Malagiridhar delivered an inspiring speech. She said each individual has to live a meaningful life. She spoke about how we are living in a market driven society and neglecting the nature and other fellow human beings. She suggested that we have to develop a society where everyone is treated equally.

Veda Hegde also addressed the gathering and advised them to use the platform of LEAD meaningfully and contribute in making India a Ram Rajya in all sense.

Lastly team leader of LEAD, Ajay Suman Shukla addressed the gathering and motivated the students to take up impactful projects in the upcoming year.

The curtains were drawn on the event and crowd dispersed with great enthusiasm of achieving more in the upcoming year.

LEADership Camp at Siddipet, Telanagana

Basic Leadership Program (BLP) was conducted at Siddipet, Nizamabad, Telangana by LEAD Staff Vinay and Praveen on 7th and 8th of April 2015. 31 students participated in it. The students were from Indur Institute of Engineering and Technology.

The camp was of two days and was filled with leadership learning and activities. On the first of the camp, introduction about LEAD was given and students were made to understand the importance of leadership qualities. Then, the students were divided into 5 groups and Scavenger hunt activity was conducted to allow students to get acquainted with each other. Brain storming session was also conducted for students to make them think and to generate ideas.

The second day of the camp was filled with leadership activities where students got real taste of leadership. The students were divided into 5 groups and were given the task of identifying the problem and coming up with solution for the same. One of the group went to Chowrasta , next two other groups went to slums and last two groups went to nearby government hospital.

Students involved themselves in several interesting tasks. One of the team cleaned bus stand and also motivated a boy who works in a shop about education. Another team observed government hospital and noticed lack of cleanliness. Hence they gave a request letter to maintain strictness in hospital.

After these leadership activities, they shared their experience, thoughts and learnings with everyone in the camp. The students were motivated and were filled with new energy and vigor to take up challenges and to solve problems around. Through this camp they completely understood the tagline of LEAD “ Complaints starts with They… and Solutions starts with I…”  

Students benefitted with this camp as this camp opened a door to the world of Leadership. The college management was happy with the camp and whole heartedly appreciated the work of LEAD.

"Jnana key" by LEADer Sagar Santaji

“Education is not the learning of facts but training of the mind to think”  Albert Einstein

In our society, education is more about scoring and acquiring certificates where as in the real sense education is meant for overall development of the individual. LEADer Sagar and his team member believed in Albert Einstein’s statement. So they wanted to create awareness about education and its significance among children. He wanted children to use education to unleash their potential. Sagar Santaji of Gogte Institute of Technology along with his teammate Seema K implemented the project “Jnana Key” in schools of Belgaum district.

In his first project, he conducted a session for 80 students of J.R.D High School , Halaga, and gave them proper guidance to choose career of their interest. He initially took permission from School Principal to conduct a session for their students. Then he got speaker, projector and Screen from his college. After getting all the requirements, he conducted the session. 

During his first session, they interacted with students, made them aware about right way of pursuing education and how it helps us in leading life. He enlightened students that proper way of studying and told them studying is not restricted to only scoring, education is beyond scoring. He motivated the students by showing few videos. At the end of the session, he and his team asked few mind teaser questions to students. Students participated actively and showed lot of interest. They even answered all the questions.

After the success of his first project, he did several projects. In his later projects, he also added computer training to his Jnana Key Project where basics of Computers and Internet are being taught. He uses computer lab of his college to educate children. He has totally done 6 sessions of Jnana Key.

Principal and school staffs are impressed with the hard work of LEADer Sagar and they support and encourage him to take sessions.
Sagar through these LEAD projects learned time management and developed his skills of team management. Sagar says, “Education is very important and with education comes confidence and with confidence, one becomes strong and positive. Education, confidence, strength and positive thinking are required live a normal life”.

By his project “Jnana Key” , Sagar has taken steps of creating a stronger India.

My Story: Manish Noola

Manish Noola(Jain College, Belgaum)



I completed diploma and started working at a company in Chennai. During my stay of 1.5 years at Chennai, I realized the Industrial needs. While facing interviews and on observing peers, I used to feel “I should also develop leadership skills to take initiatives and face challenges”

Later in August 2014, I thought of going for higher studies and joined Engineering course at Jain College of Engineering, Belgaum.  At my college, I noticed a group of people with blue t-shirts involved in an activity. It made me curious to know about them and fortunately, 2-3 days later, we got an official notice to attend the orientation of LEAD. I went to the hall with great enthusiasm and to my surprise; the same group of people I had noticed earlier were present and were introducing LEAD. In the orientation session, motivational videos were also shown to us and other Leaders shared their experience. It was interesting and inspiring to see students of my age leading from front.

After a week, we had brain-storming session and my journey with LEAD started. They guided us to decide a task and complete it by weekend. I observed that the bus stand near railway station was dirty. Hence, I decided with my team to clean and paint it. We took the permission from authorities and successfully executed it. We received appreciation from many people and on that day I even gave an interview to local media. I was elated.

After the success of my first project, I started taking several initiatives such as session to HIV affected kids at Spandana Nandan Makkal Dham to bring smiles on their face and make them realize that they are also part of the society.

Next initiative, I took was instilling patriotism among people by gathering them, discussing the greatness of the country and singing our National Anthem. I did this at public places. The objective of this initiative was to make people patriotic as patriotism is rarely found outside school and college campus. 

After experiencing and understanding the benefits of being a LEADer. My thirst for leadership knowledge increased. Hence I decided to become a part of Lead Prayana 2015. My joy knew no bounds as I cleared the interview and started LEAD Prayana. True to its name, it was a leadership journey where the journey was mixture of fun, learning and execution. It gave me friends, memories and values. The role models, speakers throughout journey inspired me. It kindled the spark in me to do something innovative. After Prayana, I completed 4 projects including a technical project. I have also guided/ inspired around 3-4 friends to be part of Lead and to make best utilization of it.

LEAD has improved me in several ways and I have learned valuable qualities.  To mention a few:
•The way of communicating with people
•Taking initiatives and executing them
•Addressing  group of people
•Planning and prioritizing
•Ethical values

I am glad to have become a part of LEAD.  I hope to work hard on my dreams and use my leadership skills to achieve more in my life. I want give my best to my mother country and my people.

LEADers Day with special Children

“Children with disabilities are like butterflies with broken wings. They're just as beautiful as other children but they just need a little help to spread their wings."  

 LEADer Kirti and LEADer Priyadarshini of Karnataka Science College, Dharwad along with her team organized a visit school of special children  and conducted activities for them to entertain the children and also to learn more about life .

The LEADers and the team members Nitin, Divya,Vijay, Sushant, Shivraj, Nidhi and Sujata set out on high spirits to meet children. The main challenge of their activity planned was to come up with games and events which would suit special kids. Thus, before visiting school, they gathered up all the knowledge related to special children and understood the abilities of these children and thus planned activities accordingly. 

Sujata says “As soon as we entered in the place each and every person in the team had a big natural smile on their faces. The first glimpse of those special children was itself very wonderful. As soon as we started conducting activities we got a very positive response from all children. All of them were as excited as us”.

The team encouraged students to display their hobbies like singing and dancing. The main objective of this project was to do something for special kids which is different from their daily routine and provide them an opportunity to have a change in their routine. At the same time, LEADers got an opportunity to experience a new thing and see life from someones life.
LEADers after this project said “Among the lot of things we learned from the visit, the most highlighted one was learning to keep a smile no matter what so ever goes wrong in life. Some of us cry that we don’t have I Phones but those kids were happy just because someone was clicking their picture, this positivity is something we can really learn and apply in our lives”.

Prison Visit by LEADers on Ugadi

LEADers work at various domains and meet different kind of people. One of the recent fields they explored and the people they met were Prison life and prisoners. It was a mind expanding experience for LEADers. They visited the women prison on occasion of ‘UGADI Festival’ and celebrated the festival with prisoners and special children of Mamta School. Thus made a beautiful day for prisoners and children.

Early in the morning they set the mood for the celebration of this lovely festival Ugadi by a warm greetings to the inmates as they entered. The event began with a welcome speech followed by a welcome song from Mamta School for Special children. The first act was quiz for Mamta children and the women prisoners  which was conducted by Lead volunteers along with Mamta teachers.

Then, the Mamta children exhibited their dancing skills and entertained women prisoners. The children and the women inmates played musical chair which was later followed by distribution of prizes.

Then, the lead volunteers recognized the work done by the warden and other women police and gave certificates for their extraordinary service to the society. Superintendent of Police Mr. P. S. Ramesh then spoke about the prisoners and he also highlighted the work of Lead volunteers and requested the Lead volunteers to have such programs for their male inmates.

The program ended by distributing the Laddus and Badam milk to Mamta children and women prisoners.The activity lit up smiles on the face of the prisoners and children of Mamta School for celebrating the festival in a meaningful way.

Candle March on March 23rd 2015

Our country has seen many heroes in the past who continue to inspire the youth of India even today. Among such heroes are Bhagath Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru , great leader who fought for this country and sacrificed their life for the same. They loved their country more than their life. They believed in set of ideals and stood for it till their last breath.

Bhagath Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru  were hanged on March 23. To pay tribute to those martyrs Indian government has declared the day as Martyr’s Day. LEADers of LEAD of Belgaum thought of taking this a step ahead by carrying out a candle march on 23 March.
More than 50 leaders participated in this and around 100 civilians joined the march on seeing students walking with enthusiasm. They carried out the march from 1st gate of Tilkawadi to RPD Circle in Belgaum.

The march was meant to remember the sacrifice and remind the youth of the LEADers who saw country , country’s freedom before themselves.

LEAD Valedictory 2015, Davangere

Davangere which is located at the center of Karanataka witnessed LEAD Valedictory function on 10 April 2015, at AVK Women’s College. Students of Davangere, Chitradurga, Ranebennur, Shimoga, Hiriyur, Chellakere and Molakalmur participated in it.

LEAD Program in the academic year of 2014-15 had got 630 members who have completed 250 LEADership projects and touched lakh of lives in district of Davangere. Thus Valedictory function was celebrated on 10th April at Davangere to commemorate the hard work, innovation and achievement of young leaders in this particular year. 

Valedictory Ceremony included inauguration of 50 innovative Leadership projects/Models exhibition, Leadership story sharing, Awards and appreciation to the best students and faculties of this year.

Guests of Honor of the valedictory function were Dr. B. B. Kaliwal, Vice Chancellor, Davangere University; Prof. K. S. Hanumanthappa, Principal, A.V.K. Women’s College,Davangere; Mr. Shiv Kumar, Partner, Channabasappa & sons; Prof. C. H. Murigendrappa, President, FUCTAK, AVK Women’s College, Davangere; Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla, Team Leader, LEAD, Deshpande Foundation, Hubli.

The guests spoke on this day. Dr. B. B Kaliwal, Vice Chancellor, Davangere University addressed the gathering and advised students to utilize the platform of LEAD and develop their leadership skills. Mr. Shiv Kumar, Partner, Channabasappa & sons spoke at the ceremony and appreciated efforts of LEAD and its contribution towards society.  Prof. K. S. Hanumanthappa, Principal, A.V.K. Women’s College, Davangere praised the LEADers of his college and their dedication towards doing innovative projects. He advised students to inspire few more students to become LEADers so that legacy of leadership continues in college.

Prof. C. H. Murigendrappa, President, FUCTAK, AVK Women’s College, Davangere also spoke and told how he got to know about LEAD and shared his experience with LEAD. Ajay Suman Shukla, Team Leader, LEAD, Deshpande Foundation, Hubli enlightened the gathering about Desphande Foundation and its several programs which are working for the betterment of the society.

11 LEADership Awards were given to young LEADers for exhibiting their leadership skills in various domains.

Uniqueness of this Valedictory Ceremony was, unlike ceremonies where dignitaries are appreciated, in this valedictory ceremony, Ratnaamma, a simple woman who has been supporting her family from last 21 years by working as a house maid and as a sweeper of AVK College was felicitated for her dedication and hard work. 

Apart from LEADership awards. Ambassador and Master LEADer award were also given to deserving students for their year long commitment and active participation in LEAD.

The ceremony concluded and students dispersed with satisfaction of being the part of LEAD and its journey of the year.

LEAD Youngstar initiative at Nizamabad

Childhood is the most beautiful phase of life. The lessons we pick up in childhood stays with us forever. Kindness, empathy and responsibility are the qualities children need to develop become a better human being, a responsible citizen and a good LEADer.

LEAD Youngstar is putting its best efforts to make children realize the qualities of a LEADer hidden within them. It encourages school students to observe their surrounding, notice a problem and to come up with a viable solution for the same. Thereby, making children feel that they are an integral part of the society.

In Nizamabad recently, LEAD Youngstar worked with 21 children in the age group 13-15. The students of Vasavi High School attended an orientation by LEAD staff Vinay V Raj. After the orientations, students thought of contributing to their society through actions. 

With the temperature rising in Nizamabad and the major reason for this being absence of trees. Children decided to plant saplings and clean the park of their area. They also rearranged the sitting arrangement of the park.

The initiative of the Children is worth appreciating. Not only for their hard work but also for their concern towards their Environment and society.