Contribution to the innovative learning!!

          Education is almost one of the basic necessity these days but what about the real learning which is acquired from certain experiments?
            The LEADers of git college belagavi took a thoughtful step to reach out to the kids of the government school and help them out with the innovative learning techniques .
              Every year the college hosts an event called 'THE EXODUS' .As the result of excellent organization the event earned a profit which would sum up to Rs40,000+.The students planned to spend this amount most effectively through their project 'MAKE YOUR OWN LAB'.
              In this project they called up the agasthya foundation to conduct a workshop on basic science experiments to the juniors of the college .The workshop went upto 2 days successfully .The students of the college learned to make these models from the 4 resource people who had conducted this workshop.Soon they made 7 such science models which included generation of electricity,demonstration of sound in need of a medium to travel,propagation of light ,mometum ,etc.only Rs 3,400 was spent per set of models.

              They took these models to government schools ,set up the science labs for them,conducted a workshop where these LEADers taught the kids.Such 5 government schools of belagavi were privileged to have a science lab in their schools.
                     With this initiative they reached out to 1000+ students .This was just a beginning and these LEADers have better plans coming up to improvise the learning and make it more fun
                      The excitement and urge to learn in the kids reflected in our LEADers to take up many more initiatives for them. 

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No doubt they cannot speak our language,but this girl can hear their grief!!

My compassion towards my fellow beings .

            LEADer Divya Hiremath of KLEMSSCET Belagavi is a person with immense care  and consideration to the fellow creatures.She observed the difficulty that the birds face during summers .Most of the water of the water sources for them are dried hence they keep wandering for water in order  to quench their thirst.

This made Divya to take up an initiative to help out birds this summer .She along with her teams collected waste bottles and kept two containers in them.They filled the containers with grains and water and hung them around in various parts of the city.

                             Well this project was not just for a day .They had a talk with all the people at the implementation spot and explained to them their vision.She also requested them to keep refilling the containers as and as and  when possible.

      The crowd also responded very positively.Everybody appreciated the thought that in growing in young students and their sympathy towards the birds .The children of the locality also participated actively.The challenge faced as a part of this project was to convince the people about the motive and talk about how thier little contribution could make lives easy and beautiful for their fellow creatures .
         With this initiative they could reach to 250+ people and explain them the needs of  the birds .

                  LEDer Divya says this was an an awareness project where people's attention was drawn to a problem that sounds small but actually isn't .She expresses her satisfaction and happiness in doing this project and plans on continuing her efforts to contribute as much as she can for the society and the fellow creatures.

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"Knowledge is life and sharing it is a deed"

“Learning is knowledge absorbance that strikes the best of the learner”.

Grammar is the pillar of the command over one’s language all over the globe. We all learn languages as a subject or as a source to communicate but we at most forget how keen the rules of learning “Grammar” are. We often tend to make the unrealizable mistake in our conversation that may affect your command over the language. These small mistakes we commit always need to be rectified during our learning age, and hence our LEADer Keerthi Raykar from MES Commerce College Sirsi with LEADer Sambhram Mudalgiri realized how important language plays its role in our life.

She took an initiative to take grammar classes at a primary boy’s hostel where she came across the primary students who were in learning stage where they actually needed to learn few many aspects that helped them speak confidently. She worked over their basics and pronunciation which were the main points to figure out.About 80 boys actively showed their interest to learn, grow and explore their personal communication skills.Nevertheless this came up with so much of challenges to face.She had to know the kids a little more friendly so that she is been proved as a good teacher. As she is just a learning student, handling a huge bunch of kids was a big task which she thoroughly accepted and continued.

This turned out much more grasping and interactive among the kids as they were learning something new. Keerthi made sure that this learning class would have the seed of fun learning. So she included displaying the charts and examples to the students which helped them more to fit in the knowledge and implement in their language. She will be regularly brushing up the syllabus she tends to teach in future as she feels that this would help the students stand out confidently and have a good flow and hold over the Kannada language.

Keerthi looks forward to continuing this great deed of teaching as this is giving her more to learn because..

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Engineers on a mission to proliferate the importance of Biofuel


        A bus running on biodiesel produced from waste cooking oil went out on a rally in the streets of Chitradurga reaching out to the common people and creating awareness. The depletion of fossil fuels has been a major problem for the human race in the comming days. Researches to find proper alternative are still going on.

Biofuel has given some promising results, but it should be developed and used in a right manner. There is a major role of engineers in this process.Keeping this in mind LEADers shyam, sharath and team of SJMIT College organized awareness program for engineering students on behalf of international biofuel day with help of biofuel unit SJMIT.

 There was a session with Natraj.H.Desai, asst. conservator of social forestry department, Sridhar chief coordinator of biofuel unit chitradurga and Dr.Chitrashekar, executive director of SJMIT.Guests enlightened the students about the importance and scope of biofuel in modern world and in the future .They also gave some keynotes to the budding engineers.

            LEAD students then planted 30+ biofuel plants
throughout the college campusAnd then a rally was organized in bus which ran on biodiesel produced from waste cooking oil. The rally was given a flag off start by the chief guests of the program, LEADers reached out to the common people throughout the city making them aware of the present day concerns of fossil fuel and scope of biodiesel.
The biggest challenge faced was to convey the purpose of the project effectively to the crowd.With this initiative the LEADers reached to more than 100 engineering students and also people of different areas of Chitradurga.


  This initiative was recognized and appreciated by the vijayvani newspaper.

The LEADers involved express the zeal to continue working and making the society aware about important factors that lead to the development of the nation.

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Reframing Friendship with (G)olden people.

Our celebration with our well wishers!!!

“Friendship is the purest love. It's the highest form of love where nothing is asked for, no condition, where one simply enjoys giving .”-Osho

        The first Sunday of August is celebrated as friendship day worldwide in order to cherish the existence of friends in our lives. Every year students celebrate this day by greeting their friends with messages and gifts but this friendship day our LEADers came up with a beautiful approach to celebration. They planned to create a joyous environment for the old , workers and physically challenged troop of the society. They said friendship is not bound by age group instead it’s about mutual affection
 LEADers from Varanasi ,Karnataka, Nalgond and Telangana  took up an initiative to make friendship bands themselves and reach out to the people of old age homes. They spent some quality time with them and while they returned the people expressed their joy and happiness on seeing them and were thankful for their kindness.

 Meanwhile, students of Bellary visited the ‘mentally challenged’ people and made their day special by celebrating friendship day with them. All of them were excited to see the LEADers at their orphanage

       LEADers also visited KSRTC workers, security guards, canteen workers and people in their locality during this project. While they were moving on this project they came across women entrepreneurs who were earning their livelihood by indulging themselves in making creative things . The students were inspired by the dedication and efforts put up by these women. This recognized by RED FM ,two LEADers from Rinki and Shalini from Ek Soch Sandbox interacted with RJ Dhruvi and spoke about their experience with this initiative.

This recognized by RED FM ,two LEADers from Rinki and Shalini from Ek Soch Sandbox interacted with RJ Dhruvi and spoke about their experience with this initiative.

This unique and beautiful approach was covered in the TIMES OF INDIA newspapers.

    The students express huge amount satisfaction and gleeful on being a part of this mega celebration. They say it was an opportunity they received wherein they got to conspire with (G)olden people and know about their approach to towards friendship.With this initiative, LEAD stands on the fact that our way to celebrate is in the direction to connect to the society and make it a beautiful place to live in .

         604 LEADers from different regions and states enthusiastically participated in this celebration. They began being friends with people next door and soon reached out to 3000 people of different sectors of the society.


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Protecting Deer by LEADer Mahalinga KS

LEADer Mahalinga KS from Veershaiva College Bellary realized that in his region, there was a critical situation of deer being killed.

First, he and his team collected data through qualitative measures such as asking neighbouring people, exploring the areas where deer are found, and speaking with forest officials. They also collected any quantitative measures they could find, such as population numbers. It was a challenge collecting the first-hand data, as this involved going to the forested areas when the deers live in the hot summer months.

They then took all this data and compiled it, and gave it to the forest office, local government, and local police so they would better understand the situation of deers being killed. They also wanted to make sure that not only the authorities knew, but the people knew about the issues as well. They went around to villagers to distribute information and pamphlets, attempting to change the village mindset about deer killing.

The team got a good response from the villagers and authorities when they shared the information. They feel positive that their project has had a positive impact in changing how the villagers think about the deers, thus reducing the amount of deer killed in the region.

My Story: Yuvaraj Patil

My Story: Yuvaraj Patil, VSMIT Nipani

There was one day which turned my life towards achievement. Our sir at college came and informed us to join one programme. We all went it to the presentation... it was the LEAD program. I got impressed by listening about LEAD and by watching the project videos. I saw the LEAD slogan: "complaints start with they... solutions starts with I". This slogan pushed me to achieve something. It is made me to look for problem around me that I could solve. 
By keeping the slogan in mind I went home and started thinking over it. Since my home is in rural area, I found lots of problems. In my home itself there was smoke problem from the traditional chula. I wanted to reduce my mother's effort by solving this problems. I start to think over it and I got a solution that is I made a smokeless chula .
Yuvaraj with his smokeless chula installed in a home
Traditional chula produces more smoke and that has an effect on the health of the chef and also on the food. I found a solution to reduce the smoke, in and developed one smokeless chula which works on traditional fuel only but produces less smoke. I have fitted one small part which blows oxygen to fuel and causes complete combustion of the fuel therefore smoke gets reduces. The blower works on a mobile charger and battery so it is economic for rural people.
By seeing this project my mother was so much happy that she showed this project to all her group of women friends. Since the cost of this project is low and it is very effective, they have demanded for this project as well.
On 1st January 2015 was very lucky and very important for me. I received a call from LEAD Deshpande Foundation, they wanted to see my project. I went and I showed my project and came back to home. The next morning only I saw my news in various news papers as a “FIGHT AGAINST THE POLLUTION”. I felt very much happy and my parents were also proud of me.
I was selected for LEAD Prayana 2015 and my project was selected for showcasing in Yuva Summit 2015. I enjoyed and also I learn lot in Prayana and at Yuva Summit. I exhibited my project in front of the role models, and in award ceremony I sat on a chair in crowd. There was one announcement from Ajay sir, functional head of LEAD, that was "the Best LEADer award goes to Yuvaraj Patil". I was surprised because I could not have thought that I will get this award. I accepted my Best LEADer award on stage from Nobel Prize Winner Kailash Satyarthi-ji .
Accepting the Best LEADer award at Yuva Summit 2016
I went back to my village but I did not stop my work. I started thinking over more problems, because I found lot of problems around me. And I started to solve the problems through LEAD projects. I completed more than 20 projects.
Conducting one of many projects: reducing daytime home electricity usage with waste bottles
While doing these projects the villagers were observing me. They thought that I would be a good leader... they changed their perspective about me since I was always very quiet. One day the ex-Panchayat member came to my home and he suggested to me to stand for election. I was shocked for a few seconds, but I thought that this is a very good chance to do something for my village and so I said yes.
Yuvaraj after his Gram Panchayat ceremony
Because of all my work in my LEAD projects the people elected me as a Gram Panchayat Vice-Chairman without any opposite competitor. If LEAD is not with me then I could not be a leader as a Gram Panchayat Chairman. 
At last I want to tell you all my friends that LEAD is a bridge from normal student to successful leader. One of the most important things I learned from LEAD is that converting an idea into reality with great effort is the moment of success. No matter if the idea is small or bigger, converting it into reality is the main thing I learned in LEAD.
Yuvaraj sharing his My Story on stage at Yuva Summit 2016

Head-Controlled Computer Mouse by LEADer Shadab

LEADer Shadab from NTTF College Belur invented the "Head Mouse". Shadab reasoned that some people with developmental and locomotive disabilities cannot use their hands to operate a computer mouse. In this project, he developed a hands-free computer mouse that moves the cursor according to the movement of our head.

The clicks and double clicks are obtained by breadth inputs. It uses an accelerometer and gyroscope fixed in the mouse to track the movement of the users head with I2C communication. This data is then used by a onboard micro-controller to analyze the motion of the user. This then communicates the computer-wired (bluetooth)/ wirelessly (user preference) and moves the cursor via serial communication. The mouse uses a microphone to get users breath inputs in the form of blows to analyses the breath to be left click, right click, double click or scroll. The mouse then sends the cursor and click data to computer either via Bluetooth or via USB Cable.

Scientifically, head movements have 6 degrees of freedom. An accelerometer cannot alone track all the 6 degrees of freedom, but only is limited to 4 degrees of freedom. Coupling a gyroscope with it adds another 2 Degree of freedom. This realization overcame one of the major challenges Shadab faced in designing the head mouse.

While this project is still in developmental phase, it is a great example of combining skills learned in college with a social project that could have a big impact in the lives of others.

Helping Blind Students by LEADer Jyoti H

Some times blind students face problems in writing examinations because the examination board allows one person to attend the examination along with the blind candidate. But what happens if sometime the supporting member does not catch their sentences properly? It will effect their result.

LEADer Jyoti H from Jigular Women's College thought this to herself, and wanted to make a difference. She took permission from her hostel warden to teach economics (her degree) for the eight blind students who were studying the subject, to ensure they had the extra help and tutoring they needed.

Jyoti also realized that it was important to ensure the blind students had the right helper to transcribe their examination answers. Jyoti helped the students determine the good quality helpers, thus making the students feel more positive and interested to learn.

By assisting these students to do their best without treating them like they were less, Jyoti made a positive difference in the lives of her fellow students that had a visual impairment. 

Educational Trip for Poor Children by LEADer Saibindu and Shashidhar

Children getting off the bus in Hampi
Without any resources, destitute children lack to ability to explore and learn about the world around them. LEADers Saibindu and Shashidhar from Veerashaiva College wanted to give the opportunity to these children to do that which they would otherwise never get the chance.

Saibindu and Shashidhar took 42 children from the destitute children home in Bellari to the historical town and sites of Hampi. After getting permission from the home, teaching themselves all the key information about Hampi historical sites to teach to the students, they transported the students to Hampi in a bus they rented with funding from LEAD.

LEADers with some of the teachers
and children
This one-of-a-kind project made the children so happy and excited, all while learning about the different temples and ruins in Hampi and seeing the Hospet Dam. They were able to experience travelling to visit a very famous place, and the LEADers felt very proud that they were able to help the children forget about their poverty and sadness for even one day, and hopefully motivate them for future.

There were no doubt challenges, including receiving all the appropriate permissions as well as ensuring the safety of the children and getting tickets for the monuments for each one. However, the LEADers and children both thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned a lot.

Media coverage of the project