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Kalamb LEaders clean the village and benefit 8,000 people

Plastic cleaning, garbage cleaning, dengue awareness, and water purification awareness. These were four key themes LEaders fro Kalamb focused on in efforts to clean the village where, it was clear, health, safety and comfort were being sacrificed. They partnered with college staff and students, for maximum outreach, collected their cleaning supplies, organized themselves into these four groups, and got busy making the village a better, cleaner place for everyone. Seeing their initiative, local politicians also contributed in order to create a healthier environment. This initiative by LEAD students has encouraged people of the village to do their part in keeping the environment clean, and has even helped control the mosquito population. The village continues to sustain the cleanliness of the area and now dispose of domestic waste outside of the area. This project benefited an estimated 8,000 people and has encouraged other neighbouring villages to implement the same idea in their own location.

LEader Yuvaraj Patil converts wasted energy to light for safety

At a farm near to Yuvaraj Patil’s home, there is a water pipe that has very strong pressure.The issue is that farmers have difficulty binding the bank because of the condition of the water flow, and at night the bank contains holes and cavities because of stones, and there are creatures such as snakes and crabs that stay in the cavities that could harm farmers, especially due to the fact that there is no light there for people to see. To help ensure the safety of these farmers, Yuvaraj inserted a fan into an “L” shaped pipe, which is connected to a dynamo, and lastly an LED light. This means that when the water flows through the pipe, it will, in turn, charge the attached light bulb, making the situation safer for the farmer.

LEader Akshay A. Mannur helps 45 orphans in Belgaum

Akshay A. Mannur (Jain College of Engineering, Belgaum) was very dsaddened by the living conditions and education platform that orphans in Samarthnama, Hanuman Nagar Belgaum, were provided with. He couldn’t help but notice the lack of school supplies and proper cooking equipment,holding them back from studying and living well. He decided to personally help these disadvantaged children, and bought 40 king-sized books, pens, pencils, notebooks, and his mother offered a cooker so they could prepare their meals properly. Over the holidays he even arranged textbooks to give to them, and these children, as well as the staff, greatly appreciated Akshay’s kindness and contributions.


Deshpande Foundation Koutilya Fellows Collect 700 books for the community

You cannot open a book without learning something.”

Deshpande Foundation’s Koutilya Fellowship Cohort 7F, 8, and 8A Fellows took the initiative (on November 16th, 2014) to collect unused books from people's homes to be utilized as resources for students, staff, and other people who would better appreciate them. Many people have neglected books in their homes, and these 70 Fellows thought that these books should be collected to be better used by the community. They organized themselves into groups and went to colleges, hostels and homes around Vidyanagar and Ashya Colony) on the hunt for unused books. After facing challenges such as difficulties convincing people, and even a home dog attack, they strived on their leadership and teamwork and managed to collect 700 books in only 6 hours. Fuelled by their success, they are aiming to collect 2,000 books next time.

Koutilya Fellows raise Rs.1,38,600 for students in need

Deshpande Foundation’s Koutilya Cohort 7 Fellows know the importance of higher education and the power it has to open gateways in people’s lives, but they also know about the numerous barriers there are for underprivileged people trying to get an education. They wanted to make the lives of these people a bit easier and utilize the LEAD platform, so they got permission from the Hubli-Dharwad police commission and then went around the city of Hubli to fundraise. In only one day, these 139 fellows raised Rs. 1,38,600, which they used to purchase school supplies such as books, pens and dictionaries, to give to underprivileged people who are eager to study. 1,300+ high school and primary school students ( from the city of Hubli as well as its rural surroundings) benefited from this project, and the fellows are looking to help another 3,000 in the future. Throughout this project, the fellows were  motivated by the idea that:                                                   
       “every youth should take initiative in this present society then only we can change our country.

LEaders say no to crackers on Diwali to help feed 35 malnourished children

“We can observe that, most of the youth waste a lot of money for crackers on the occasion of Diwali, which causes a lots of sound and air pollution.”, says LEader Satya Phanindra. Her and her fellow team members Vardhini, Sneha, Harshitha, Navatha, Kalyan, Vikas, Vinay (VREC) decided that they wanted to make things different this year for Diwali. They decided to approach people and ask them to, instead of spending their money on polluting crackers, donate to children suffering from malnutrition. Hence, they fundraised enough to provide a proper meal for 35 malnourished children. They then went to Tagore's Vidyaniketan School and not only distributed the food, but also interacted and played with the children, and even toaught them some dance. This as very special and much appreciated time, and reinforces their idea that “a small gesture can go a long way in reducing someone's pain.”


Mr. Samir Kumar Visits Kakatiya Sandbox, Nizamabad

On 29th October 2014, Mr. Samir Kumar (Managing Director of Inventus India, VC of Acer Technology Ventures, and Governing Body of TiE Bangalore) visited Kakatiya Sandbox in Nizamabad. He was received and felicitated by Mr. Ram Reddy and Mr. Amrut Patil (Program Manager, KS). The event was a great opportunity for LEAD students of Nizamabad to interact with, and learn from, such a notable entrepreneur.
The students asked him questions about managing his career and being an entrepreneur. To begin with, Satya asked “what are the things that an organisation is aiming for when recruiting a fresher?” Samir replied: “soft skills, communication skills, subject knowledge to a little extent, and discipline.”

Next, Sharon asked “what's the criteria that the investors are bounded up while investing in someone?” Samir replied, "the abilities of the team members, their coordination, innovation and the concept beyond their startup.”


Leader Nikhitha asked, “what factors should be considered when our organization is collaborating with another organization?” “Make sure that the partner with whom you venture is going to collaborate. Prefer for the person who are familiar with the venture, and get proper information about the partners”, Samir responded.
Archana noted that she want to become a software engineer and to have her own startup like Software Solutions. She asked, “what's your advice for future planning?”, to which Samir answered: “she's on the right path. All she needs to do is go ahead with proper planning and commitment.”
Srujan asked, “how do you make a team for a new start up, and how to move ahead if your startup idea is stolen by someone else?” Mr. Samir answered: “always we need to have a hard working, smart, and like-minded team members. Also, have alternatives to face any sought of situations.”

Saketh said, “I'm a techno-interested guy, pursuing commerce degree. How do I go ahead?” Samir replied to Saketh: “Complete your education first, and then to go for some technical courses from the institutes if you are interested.”
Anvesh asked whether to choose web technologies or networking as a career. Samir replied: “both are the best fields in our current situation. It is better to choose the field which you are most interested in.”
Rajesh asked, A good leader, a good follower. Who is the best among?” "Actually, every person can't be a leader. If so, then who will they lead? So, being a good follower is not bad. So, up to me, both are best”, said Samir.

Then Akhil questioned what Mr. Samir aimed for when he was a graduate. Did he accomplished it? And what else did he want to have? With a smile, Samir replied: “I was a aimless fellow initially, but later with the pioneering of my father, I chose my career and am satisfied with it.” Samir also noted that he has a dream to have a corruption free India, for which he is ready to contribute his services if needed.
Mr. Ram Reddy also shared examples from his life and inspired students before the session came to a close and Samir wished the LEaders all the best for their futures.

Nizamabad LEaders Raise Awareness on World Food Day and helped 50+ people.

Satya Phanindra and her team members Akhil and Suman (VREC, SSR) were very concerned about the amount of food being wasted, and simultaneously the degree of malnutrition present amoung children, in Nizamabad. They noticed that two of the main places that all of this food was being wasted was in party halls and restaurants. These LEaders decided to stand idle, but instead do something about it. They approached the owners and managers of various restaurants and party halls in Nizamabad and encouraged them to stop wasting all the food that they do. In addition, they suggested NGOs that they could donate their leftovers to, and even offered to act as an interface between them and the suggested organizations. Additionally, they left posters around these establishments educating people about malnutrition and the importance of not wasting food but instead giving it to those in need. The people they spoke with were grateful for the efforts of the LEaders and decided to follow the recommendations. These LEaders impacted 50+ people in a very positive way.


Children's Day Celebrations

November 14th marked World Children's Day here in India, and LEaders from all over celebrated and gave back to the children in their communities in unique and loving ways.


On the occasion of children’s day, newly joined LEADers Kirti, Pritha, Deepak, Manish and Dheeraj (Faculty of Management & Sciences, Kashi Hindu University) touched 600+ students by organizing awareness sessions in schools of Varanasi, namely Glorious Academy and Sunbeam, Bhagwanpur. The LEADers addressed the students in the school assembly, and personally met with them to encourage them to bring a change in society. The emphasis of the encouragement was on cleanliness and hygiene for children of the today and the future, and to start this at a personal level. The schools’ administration were very supportive of the event, and the students showed a great response. As Leader Kirti, Pritha and team noes, "It was a memorable experience to share. We hope to see a brighter India in the future."


LEaders Altamash Qureshi, Khyum Hayatkhan and their team members of Kudachi celebrated Children's day with a twist. They planted 300 Saplings and they distributed pens and books to children. Teachers and staff members very much appreciated their initiative.


On the occasion of Children's Day, LEAD Chitradurga LEADers Mamatha Nerlige, Giri Mallikarjun
Sarangmatt, Sahan Abblour, Vinay Hegde, and Venkat Cherry organized a free dental checkup for Govt. school children, with the help of SJM Dental College. They offered a free dental checkup, distributed toothbrushes and tooth paste, and also educated the children about ways to keep their mouths healthy,
by presenting a video clip.


On the occasion of Children's Day Mr. Vikas Neel took the initiative to conduct a dental camp at Channamalleshwar High School. Mr. Vikas Neel, who is an active Leader in Gubarga, helped 600+ students in this camp.

Conservation Camp: An Initiative of LEAD Sirsi Students

A group of students decided to build their consciousness of their surroundings and the value of the natural world in a unique way. LEader Ganapati Hegde (MES College of Commerce, Sirsi) initiated a 2-day camp in Kanmane, for this purpose, which 30 selected students participated in. The camp involved activities such as leadership activities, trucking, sessions on forest conservation and the relationship between nature and humans. A unique element of this camp was the exhibition of Karapatra, the old local newspapers in the time of freedom fighting. The resource person Mr. Shivand Kalve (freelance writer and conservationist) shared with the participants information about these old newspapers, and advised the students on initiatives they can take to save our natural world.