Hospital for Animals

Farming and agriculture depend on domestic animals. That is why successful farmers keep their cows healthy.
Yuvaraj D Patil from Nitawade village realized that there is no doctor to help farmers cure their animals. Yuvaraj is a student at VSM Institute of Technology, he decided to arrange a hospital for animals in the village of Nitawade.

Every family in the village has a cow or a buffalo. However, there is no veterinary clinic in the whole village. So, Yuvaraj decided to meet one veterinary doctor and to organize a hospital, so that a doctor can visit 3 times a week, educate farmers about health problems of their animals and examine them. Fortunately, the doctor accepted his request and the project was realized. Yuvaraj is happy that from now on, cows will stay healthy and milk production will increase. The impact of the Yuvaraj’s project for the whole village is huge and people are very grateful for Yuvaraj’s effort. Now diseases of domestic animals can be prevented, agriculture, farming and milk production can be increased improving the lives of many people in the village.

Cleaning a Water Tank

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry…

Knowing the value of clean water in our lives, Sanjeev Kattimani a student from Deshpande Susandhi Krishi Chetana (SKC) in Shishunal decided to take an initiative and clean a water tank. In order to achieve a better result in a short period of time the LEader asked team mates to accept a challenge and help him to provide community with clean water.

Sanjeev explained the value of clean water and his reasons to do this project. Being a true LEader and being example for his teammates, Sanjeev gave them all the necessary guidelines and advises to finish the project. First, LEaders found 2 tanks in Shishunal that needed to be cleaned. The LEader shared his project with Mr Gururaj Desh Deshpande and got approval, support, encouragement and funds for cleaning and painting the tanks.

The LEader was aware about the problems that might cause dirty water and he decided to create awareness about safety of drinking water as well as to solve the problem. Many people supported Sanjeev. Overall, there were 200 people who were benefited by Sanjeev ‘s initiative. The LEader and his team accomplished this project on October 2, 2014. From now on, the tanks in Shishunal are clean and the water is pure.

Shovel for Dung

Every farmer faces many difficulties during the day. To make a life of a farmer a little better, Yuvaraj D Patil from VSM Institute of Technology in Nipani invented a shovel for dung. With the small amount of 100 rupees Yuvaraj was able to introduce a shovel for dung in the village of Nitawade. Knowing that sometimes farmers use their hands to remove dung, Yuvaraj decided to help them, as dung can cause skin problems. What is more, it can be really dangerous for farmers to clean after animals, as cows can step on their farmers’ hands and cause injuries.  Although it was not difficult for Yuvaraj to invent a shovel, the impact of his project is great. With the help of his project dung can be removed easily now, hands of the farmers will stay clean and farmers can avoid injuries.

Celebration of Vivekanada's Birthday by LEADer Bhuvaneshwari

 India had great LEADers in the past. Swami Vivekananda is one among them. His vast knowledge of Eastern and Western culture as well as his deep spiritual insight, fervid eloquence, brilliant conversation, broad human sympathy, colorful personality tends to inspire the youth of India even now.

Bhuvaneshwari  of VG women's Degree College Kalaburagi  had always been inspired by Swami Vivekananda ,thought of celebrating his 152 birth anniversary in a unique way with school children.  Bhuvaneshwari Gurusunge under the guidance of LEAD formed a team with Priyanka, Rahul, Umesh and Mallikarjun to execute her idea.  
Initially LEADer Bhuvaneshwari contacted the principal of Vijaya Vidyalaya High School and took his permission to celebrate Swami Vivekananda’s birthday with the students of his school. Once the permission was granted .She conducted the conduct debate, poster and drawing competition for the children.

Around 50 students participated with great enthusiasm and exhibited their drawing, presentation and communication skills. The project of LEADer Bhuvaneshwari made a huge impact as it energized students to involve in extracurricular activities. Her project also provided the school students a platform to exhibit their talent.

LEADer Bhuvaneshwari with her team and school students 
Her unique idea of celebrating the Swami Vivekanada’s birthday brought smile on the face of many children and also brought out her hidden leadership skills to forefront.

Agricultural Camp for Farmers

Agriculture is the main activity of many farmers around India. Yuvaraj D Patil from VSM Institute of Technology in Nipani knows that 99% of Nitawade residents are farmers. So, he decided to help farmers of his village to increase their productivity by organizing a camp for farmers where they can learn new agricultural techniques. Firstly, for this project Yuvaraj needed to seek permission from Sarpanch, Then, the LEader found an agricultural technologist to help arrange a camp to teach farmers about innovative and efficient techniques in agriculture. By attracting only one agricultural technologist, Yuvaraj helped farmers to increase their knowledge and understand new technologies in agriculture. Thanks to this project, many farmers are benefited by being able to produce more and efficiently.