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LEader Pooja of University of Agriculture and Science prepared best out of waste.

LEader Pooja of University of Agriculture and Science wanted to take up some small initiative and came up with an idea to do some creativity through best out of waste. While Pooja was thinking about the initiative she came through a situation where her roommate was finding the lost key. LEader then decided to prepare a key hanger. LEader Pooja took a waste piece of wood and then cut it into a required shape.

LEader Pooja took few sticks and rolled them with the newspapers tightly. With the help of nails the sticks were placed on the wood. To make the key hanger more attractive Pooja wrapped a golden paper over it. The hanger can be used for multipurpose. Keys, rubber bands, Bangle's etc can be arranged neatly. Most of the students were inspired with the initiative taken by LEader Pooja so the others also prepared it for themselves to keep the daily necessity things in one place.

LEader Pooja then made up her mind to prepare few more things with best out of waste so the next creativity she came up with was a plastic broom made out of plastic bottle. Plastic bottle was vertically cut into slightly thick sticks and then it was tied with the thread at the edge. The broom can be used to clean the desk or the study table. Pooja faced certain challenges in terms of time management and balancing the sticks on the wood but she had a strong determination to complete the task and finally she did it. 

 After taking the initiative LEADer Pooja feels that if one thinks of doing something seriously then they will complete it even if they find lot of obstacles on their way. Pooja wants to design and prepare many useful things through best out of waste.

LEaders of University of Agriculture and Science_Dharwad

LEADers of University of Agriculture and Science took initiative to organize the blood donation camp at their college with an intention to help people at the hour of need especially during emergency cases like road accidents. Leader Sudhir, Dharamraj, Priyanka visited different classes and intimated other students of the college about the blood donation and the purpose of it. 3 Blood Bank Hospital had visited the college. Most of the students came forward to donate blood which helped in collecting around 297 bottle of blood.

LEaders felt happy for the response from their co mates but were quite disheartened as they left behind 4 bottles from triple century. Students who donated blood were happy and had smiles on their faces. LEaders felt that they need to help each other and live for others too by implementing the project. With the outcome of it Sudhir, Dharamraj and Priyanka want to do the project in a larger scale next time. The doctors thanked the Doctors thanked the LEaders for the good response and cooperation

LEader Ramesh created awareness amonst the students of Kattimani High School.

“Cleanliness is next to Goodliness”, reminds all of us about the importance of hygiene in our day to day lives, especially in various government institutions, public places like schools, colleges, bus stands etc has been given a very high priority citing the importance of cleanliness and good health.  LEaders organized an awareness program titled JAGRUTI in Kattimani High School located in BVB campus. They invited Dr. Nagaraj to give a talk on ‘Cleanliness and Good health’ to 8th standard 56 students on 21st August 2014.
The main intention to gather the students was to make them realize the importance of cleanliness and good health, day to day situations, social problems. Another intention was to make the student understand the importance of teamwork by arranging the small games and quiz competition. The program also highlighted the increase in women harassment. 

LEADer Ramesh is happy for the initiative taken as the students realized the reality of the society.