My Story

LEAD's "My Story" provides detailed insight into the inspiring stories behind the leadership transformations of our LEADers.   Click on a LEADer's name to read his or her story!

Priyanka Dey (BHU, Varanasi)
A Best LEADer 2016, Priyanka is awakening a love of education for underprivileged children

Aaliza Naseem (SHEPA Varanasi)
Aaliza has boosted her confidence and abilities through working closely with her local orphanage to improve their quality of life on many levels

Arya Roshan (SHEPA Varanasi)
Inspired by the work of his father, a school teacher, Arya is making positive changes in society through both his own projects and helping in the projects of others

Sharon Blessing (SRCW College)
With LEAD, Sharon is working her way towards being an independent and confident woman by taking action in her community

Srujan Mara (Vijay Rural Engineering College)
Srujan has been able to pursue his passions of entrepreneurship, positive change, and social media... all through LEAD

Satya Phanindra (LEAD Alumnus)
A Best LEADer 2015, Satya demonstrates a passion for everything LEAD!

Alisha Shiledar (KLECET, Belgaum)
Alisha's project helped send 50 slum children back to school. 

Sai Prakash (KLEIT, Hubli)
Sai is on a mission to eradicate plastic from Hubli.  He convinced his colony to stop using plastic, and his initiative has expanded to other colonies throughout Hubli and Dharwad, attracting lots of media attention along the way.  Sai was awarded "Best Project for Media Attraction" during the 2013 LEAD Valedictory ceremony in Hubli.

Shivaprasad Sannakki (GIT, Belgaum)
Shivaprasad joined LEAD to develop the skills he needs to become an entrepreneur.  His project, Joy of Giving Week, raised Rs. 10,000 for HIV affected orphans. 

Shruti Kamble (KLEIT, Hubli)
Shruti has continuously taught English to 20 government school children.  She received the award for "Best Project for Education Promotion at the 2013 LEAD Valedictory ceremony. 

Soumyashree Ramannavar (HIT, Nidasoshi)
LEAD has helped Soumyashree work outside her comfort zone.  In addition to completing two projects, Soumyashree also worked for LEAD as an intern in Yuva Summit 2013. 

LEAD helped Nithinkumar transform from a student, to a leader, and finally, to an entrepreneur.  Ronnie Screwvala (CEO, UTV Group) personally congratulated Nithinkumar on his entrepreneurial initiative!

Anuradha Bandari (MES College of Commerce, Sirsi)
Anuradha's project provided water for 300 villagers.  She was presented the "Best Leader" award by Ratan Tata during Yuva Summit 2013. 

The innovative nature of Navin's Braille Learning Kit earned him a place in the Top 10 during Intel's 2013 Next Big Idea Competition.

Bharath Hanamaraddi (KLEIT, Hubli)
Bharath is President of the KLEIT LEAD Cell, LEAD's first student government system.  

Aarya Vishwanath Hallikeri (KLEIT, Hubli)
Aarya's Bus Stand Cleaning project in Hubli inspired a wave of bus stand cleaning projects throughout all of the other LEAD locations. In addition to being a motivating LEADer, Aarya also works as a Social Media Intern for the LEAD Program.  He has grown the LEAD Facebook page from 3, 000 to 10,000 likes.  Aarya received the "Best LEADer" award during Yuva Summit 2014.

Vijay Matti (SKSVMACET, Laxmeshwar)
Vijay set up a Swadesh store at his college and now works as an Intern for LEAD.  

Sandesh has completed over 30 projects with LEAD, and has big ideas to do even more.

Manoj Barigali (SKSVMACET, Laxmeshwar)
Manoj was awarded "Best Active Coordinator" during the 2013 LEAD Valedictory ceremony in Hubli.

Chetana Bhat (MES College of Commerce, Sirsi)
Chetana makes it a goal to implement projects in different fields so that she can better improve her leadership abilities to adapt and work in new situations.  In her most recent project, Chetana taught rural women how to make craft products out of waste cloth and trained them in marketing.  These women are now earning Rs. 6,000 every month. 

Rakesh Kulkarni (BIET, Davangere)
With a dream to help society, Rakesh has completed two projects that have given him hands-on experience practicing people and time management.

Santosh Kaveri (Samiti BBA College, Belgaum)
A serial innovator and aspiring social entrepreneur, Santosh is innovating low-cost technologies which are helping hundreds of farmers, students, and more.  Santosh was presented the "Best LEADer" award by Ratan Tata during Yuva Summit 2013 and by Dr. T.V. Mohandas Pai at Yuva Summit 2014.

Anirudh Ravi (GIT, Belgaum)
Inventor of the Trash-A-Nator, a machine that can safely burn and could be a sustainable solution to the accumulating waste problem.  Anirudh was presented the "Best LEADer" award by Dr. T.V. Mohandas Pai at Yuva Summit 2014.

Atheeq MD (REC, Hulkoti)
A passionate chemical engineer and avid innovator, Atheeq has completed three projects dedicated to innovating technology to make it more affordable and beneficial for society.

Manish Noola (Jain College, Belgaum)
An engineering student who joined LEAD and saw tremendous growth in his personality.

Prajwal M ( NIE First Grade College, Mysore)
A student who wants to show the world the beauty of Science.

Sandesh Jorapure( Diploma, Raibag Diploma College)
A student went ahead to do a challenge one after another and gave direction for his energy

Pundaraja Hugar (Maratha Mandal Engineering College, Belgaum)
A student who turned used his passion and skills for practical, technical solutions
to help his community

B. Anvesh Kumar (GS College of Engineering and Technology, Nizamabad)
This active LEADer was a star student even before LEAD, but has used the platform to continue excelling, but now to the benefit of his community

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