Students can participate in two ways: as a project participant, or as a LEADer, which is an active leadership role and comes with a performance based award system. The criteria for LEADers and for LEAD projects are as stated below.

Student LEADer must:

  • Attend college or university.
  • Be creative, energetic, engaging, and service-oriented
  • Be a motivating linkage for students and projects
  • Convince at least 5 students for the project.
  • Identify a problem in society and come up with a solution.
  • Spend at least 3-5 hours on LEAD projects each week.

  • Can be one-time or recurring projects.
  • Must have a budget less than INR 2,000 per project
  • Must have a social purpose
  • Excite students about service and make discernable local impact (no matter how “small”).
  • Must not discriminate according to gender, caste, tribe, race, age, etc.

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