Know the best 25 LEADers of 2010

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LEAD Mela 2010
These are the LEADers who got awarded on 27th of Jan. for the wonderful achivements in their projects.

Sandeep Hegde Sirsi, MES College Project Title: Accounts training to SHG Members
50 women were trained (on going) in Karoor and Sirsgaw. They successfully trained 50 women and made them able to deal with their financial transactions

Prashant Patil RNS Polytechnic, Sirsi
Project Title:Tuitions to hostel kids, fund raised and provided books and dictionaries to them
He gave tuitions to around 38 poor students, raised funds worth 1500 Rs. and bought dictionaries and general knowledge books and donated to their hostel

Sandesh Bhat
Govt Degree College, Sirsi
Project Title: Water supply to a village
He repaired the water supply system in the village Yadalli, in co-operation with the gram panchayat, hired a person to look after the water suppy system with salary. Now there is continuous water supply in the villege.

Ravikumar A.
MES, Sirsi
Project Title:
Resume writing to college students, toilet construction
He did 2 projects, "Resume writing workshop" to 70 students, and 2nd project, raised funds and convinced people to construct toilets. He also raised 4000 Rs. and constructed 5 toilets in ten days of time.

Vinay Bhat Forestry College, Sirsi
Project Title: Name plates to endangerd species of trees He took 1000. Rs from LEAD and raised 2500 Rs from college and provided 70 rare tree species in the college campus with name plates. He submitted another project proposal form to do the same project in a very big way through fund raising.

Geeta Hegde Govt Degree College, Sirsi
Project Title: Rope making from waste tyres which is highly effective for agricultural

She bought tyres, made ropes and sold to market. Made profit and distributed the money to poor people.

Harish Naik
Govt Degree College, Sirsi
Project Title:
Issuing senior citizen passes
He provided information to old people about the facilities provided by KSRTC and provided senior citizen bus passes to 30 old age people.

Prasanna Hegde

Govt Degree College, Sirsi

Project Title: Bank accounts to Govt school kids

He provided bank accounts to 25 primary school children in Heroor village and also helped few old people to get the pension.

Vibha Bhat

MES, Sirsi

Project Title:
Eye check up camp in govt schools
She did eye check up camps in 2 schools with more than 70 children, encouraged 3 students to become LEADers and continued the eye check up camps in 2 more schools of Sirsi.

Rashmi Hegde MES, Sirsi
Project Title: Market opportunity to the materials prepared by mentally handicapped
She provided market to pens made by mentally handicapped people and she could generate profit out of it and now making the pens more effectively for large scale sale. She also sold pens worth nearly 2000 Rs.

Suresh devadiga

Govt Degree College, Sirsi

Project Title:
Water supply to a village
He provided new pipes and repaired pipes to ensure continuous water supply in a village, raised funds worth Rs. 800 from the gram panchayat and ensured the proper water supply in the village.

Ganapati Hegde

Forestry College, Sirsi
Project Name: Artificial nests to birds He came up with a very innovative idea. He made 85 nests for birds and 60% of the nests were occupied within a week of time. He is continuing the project to make a bigger impact.


KLE Engineering, Belgaum

Project Title: Rice collection and distribution to orphanage
She collected over 1 quintol of rice and donated to orphanage. She has been very active and now also w working as Campus Ambassador.

Rasna B S
JTVP BCA college, Gadag Project Title: Independent women
She took the project of teaching and marketing of homemade products like pickles, papads to 23 women. Every month those women are now earning around Rs. 1000 as profit.

Anup Bijapur
PDIT, Hospet
Project Title:
Construction of 600m Road Construction of 600 meters road through fund raising.

Jayadev Biradar

PGH Engi college, Bijapur
Project Title: Plantation, cloth bank in blind schoolHe collected 30 pairs of clothes, 10 fruit trees, vermicompost training to 30 farmers, raised 450 Rs. for it.

Veeresh Laddimath

Chetana Edu society, BBA, Bijapur
Project Title: Bank accountsHe resulted into creating bank accounts to 64 community people and 60 students.

Tarannum H.H
Chetana Edu society, BBA, Bijapur
She taught cycling to 23 students(girls) cycling from 7th standerd in Jumnal gov. secondary school. Follow the link to know more details of her project.

Vijay Mahantesh

SB Arts and KCP Science college
Project Title: Quiz competition and Flood relief workHe raised funds for quiz competition, 150 students participated and raised 3000.00 for flood victims.

Computer education
He taught basic computers to 260 village students.

Santosh C
KLE CBA, Hubli
Project TitleL: Medicine Bank, Issue of shoes to school children through fund raising
He raised funds for quiz competition, 150 students participated and raised Rs.3000.00 for flood victims.

Aruna Kulkarni
JGCC, Hubli
She taught national anthem to 50 children of Sai Seva Trust school, prepared 40 pillows and distributed to gamanagatti poor people and also distributed food to 60 children funds for which she had collected through selling the news papers.

Amruta K.R
SDM CET, Dharwad
Project Title: Plantation, cloth bank in orphanage

Shamshad Begum
JSS College
Project Title: Roof to houses
She collected waste banners and stitched them and distributed to 10 houses which can be used to cover the roofs of their houses.

Vivek G. Bhat
Project Title: Empowering the goundis


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