Project: Canteen Mural

Posted on Saturday, October 15, 2011 by LEAD

Leader: Abhinash 
Team: Pooja B, Pratyush P,Abhilash, and Priyanka
Date: January to November 2010 
College: BVB CET 
Place: BVB CET
Abhinash believes that everyone has an abundance of talent. He and his team decided to help students showcase their talent though a graffiti wall. He secured permission from the college authorities to cover a space on the canteen wall. Every time somebody does some creative work they have to wait a year for the annual magazine to publish it. This wall would be an outlet to showcase work by budding artists and writers. 
The canteen is the most ideal place to create the wall because most students use the canteen. What better motivation is there than having thousands of students and faculty see and appreciate the work? During the months when the wall was active, they received at least 3 artworks a day. This was also a platform to shortlist the work that could be shown in the magazine. 
The wall was built like a notice board, where work was displayed. The artwork was later returned to the creators. The procedure was simple: the creators would contact Abhinash who would then post it on the wall. Because of his busy schedule the wall has been a little less active.

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