Project: Village Fishing

Posted on Thursday, September 06, 2012 by LEAD

LEADer: Vinayak M. Bhat
Team Member: Kartik
Date: 15/3-14/4/2012
Location: Adlemane

In Vinayak's village there is one big pond, but the water is polluted with soil and other wastage. But Vinakak believed that fisheries businesses could develop in that pond, and fishes are the natural creatures that directly involve in naturally purifying the water.

He went to the Gram Panchayath and explained the importance of fisheries to them and how the horticulture culture would help them. Initially they did not agree, but the team brought a fish pond and showed them how fishes help in purifying the water. 

With the help of the village, the pond was cleaned and fish were implemented. As a result, 15 families are getting clean water while 5 families who eat fish no longer need to go into town to buy fish, thus saving money.

Vinayak hopes to continue in this direction by inculcating more fisheries businesses in villages and raising awareness on proper utilization of local resources.

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