Project: Volleyball Tournament

Posted on Thursday, September 06, 2012 by LEAD

LEADer: Karthik Bhat
Team Member: Vinayak
Date: 20-30/3/2012
Location: Panchalinga

Karthik found that rural youth, despite being good volleyball players, do not have opportunities to play competitively. He decided to organize a volleyball tournament as his LEAD project. 

He wanted to provide a good platform for the local volleyball players so he chose his college as the venue for the volleyball tournament and publicized through the college students. 7 different groups from different villages participated in this competition. The final match was conducted in Panchlinga.

One of Karthik's challeges was that proper time management was lacking in his initiative, but LEAD taught him practically how to overcome this challenge.

More than 50 rural young players participated in the tournament. Karthik hopes to create more sports opportunities for village youth. 

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