LEAD Project Awards - Dharwad Region 2012

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Best Project Awards - 2012:

*For more Best Projects award winners, see separate posts detailing full reports. 

Chandrashekhar Annigeri, a B.Sc. student and LEADer from JT College, Gadag has completed three projects as a LEADer and helped twelve projects of co-LEADers from his college. Chandrashekhar and his team have shown very high potential in initiating projects on various issues and solving them. Their projects include: quiz competition, fixing watering problem of college plantation, dust bins in college, bus shelter renovation, student notice board, renovation of Bhishma lake, etc.

Arun Kumar from PC Jabin BCA College has worked with five projects and built up a team of six members. They identified a school in Kundgol named Gandhi School and undertook  overall development of the school. For doing this they conducted classes on yoga and physical fitness, teaching English, donated a water tank and book shelves, distributed note books, etc. Arun collected Rs. 7000 from local people and government officials and later he donated a book shelf to the school.

Kartik Hunagund from Rural Engineering College, Hulkoti has achieved the Best LEADer award for his continuous efforts in initiating and completing four projects. He did successful projects of marking the college campus roads with white paint, collecting blood group database of students to help in emergencies, renovation of college parking place and effective brainstorming among college students to think out of the box. He is into his second semester of engineering but his leadership abilities are beyond it.

Best Project Initiator Winner
Shreedhar from Sana BBA College has completed seven projects as a LEADer. Because of his passion and guidance for the co-students of his college he was promoted as Master Leader. He guided and coordinated a team of eight leaders from his college and each of them have completed two projects under his guidance. His projects were merely focused on rural areas and solve local problems.

Best Creative Leader
Leader Raghavendra from SKSVMACET, Laxmeshwar has finished two projects. He did his first project on making a creative notice board and installing it into college campus. The second project was making a creative home for birds. The objective was to quench the thirst of birds in summer. He made a very creative and useful stand for birds to stay, have water and food and feel like home.

Leader Ashwini Bankapur from SKSVMACET, Laxmeshwar has successfully completed her project of providing bus passes to old aged people. She got to know that there is a 25 percent concession on bus fare for old people above 60 years so she decided to help old people in getting the bus pass. She visited Laxmeshwar bus depot, collected all the required information and forms. Later she visited the local community of Laxmeshwar and identified eligible old people and helped them to fill the forms. Within a period of 15 days she was able to provide free bus passes to 25 people without any extra charge and difficulty in getting this kind of free service.

Leader Ashwini Moolimani from SKSVMACET, Laxmeshwar has been a coordinator of and participated in LEAD Prayana 2012. She has initiated five projects as a LEADer and out of those five are completed. She is also coordinating with all the female LEAD members of her college and guiding them about their projects. Ashwini collected unused papers of exam sheets from the college and then converted them in 50 registers to help people who cannot afford notebooks. She also has collected 50+ pairs of clothes and then distributed them to the kids of building construction laborers. 
Best Active Volunteer of the Year – Deepak Giriyapur, Master Leader, BVBCET, Hubli
Best Coordinator Award – Vijay Matti from SKSVMACET, Laxmeshwar
Master Leader Award – Nandan from CSI College of Commerce, Dharwad 

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