Project: Building a Library

Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 by LEAD

Team LEADer: Santosh G. Katral
Team Members: Prashant Talakeri, Shankar Agarani, Shrikant Talakeri, Uttam Katral
Place of project implementation: Honwad, Bijapur

      There is no good library for the villagers of Honwad, which made the team think about creating a new library which is very helpful for many people. It is the basic need for all competitive exams and helpful to the rural area students and school kids. 

      The team members decided and committed to buildiing a student library and made a list of requirements, collecting the materials required  for the library. They collected a large amount of about 400+ study materials containing text books, competitive exam books, useful notes, magazines like Sparhaspoorti, Spardha Vijeta, Spardha Chaitra, and quotes and story printed. They prepared and readied the pages within 30 hours. 
      The Library is very helpful to the villagers and all the students of the Honwad locality. Still some more donors are ready to present the books to the library, and work is underway in this step. The total collection of books is 400+ and costs about about Rs.15000. 

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