Project: Camp for Rural Kids

Posted on Saturday, February 16, 2013 by LEAD

Karthik Hunagund (REC Hulkoti)

Karthik visited a school in a village where many students showed creative potential, but unfortunately did not have the platform to showcase their creativity.  As a solution to this problem, Karthik thought to conduct a camp where he could give the children lessons in dance, yoga, painting, and other creative activities.  With the help of the Chalukya Foundation, Karthik conducted a camp in the village of Bandigwad.  Out of the 100 students that participated, 10 students received scholarships and/or sponsorships to complete their education.  News of the success of Karthik’s camp reached other villages, and they are asking Karthik to lead camps in their villages.  Karthik’s project cost a total of Rs. 1730, but the experience that these students gained is invaluable. 

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