Project: Danger Lamp

Posted on Saturday, February 16, 2013 by LEAD

Karthik (MES College of Commerce, Sirsi)

Each year, farmers of Abbihadda lost more than 39 quintal of rice and other crops resulting from animal attacks and invasions.  Karthik had previously carried out other projects in different villages.  These other villages had experienced the same problems with animal attacks and invasions, but a solution for the problem had been developed in those villages.  He applied the same solution used by the other villages and introduced the Danger Lamp to Kaggundi (his village).  The Danger Lamp is triggered by sensor technology and scares animals away by producing light and sound.  Farmers are satisfied with the lamp, as it protects their crops without causing harm to the animals.  The Danger Lamp now protects 13 acres of land and has helped 10 farming families.

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