Project: Helpline for Women in Navanagar

Posted on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 by LEAD

Manjunath K. Gogi 

Majunath, inspired by World Women's Day, organized an event to help the women in the city of Navanagar.  Majunath coordinated with the President of the Navanagar Ladies Club, as well as Mr. I.M. Dundasi, the Police sub-Inspector of Navanagar to plan the event.   Prior to the event, Majunath presented a plan to the Mr. I. M. Dundasi to create a separate women's helpline number for the city of Navanagar, and to post this number on every street in Navanagar. Mr. I. M. Dundasi agreed comply with Majunath's plan. 

The program organized by Majunath consisted of a dialogue between the women of Navanagar and with Mr. I. M. Dundasi.  During this dialogues, many women voiced their doubts about women's safety within the city.  Mr. I. M. Dundasi addressed the doubts of the women and even taught them some important guidelines for them to help maintain their safety.  As a result of the program, the women became more knowledgeable about safety, laws, and procedures, and significant progress has been made for the women of Navanagar. 

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