BIET Davangere Leadership Camp 2013

Posted on Tuesday, April 02, 2013 by LEAD

LEAD Leadership Camp was held on March 31, 2013 at BIET College in Davangere.  33 students from four different colleges participated in the camp.  In addition to the student participants, respected guests included Dr. Rama Swamy (Principal, BIET College), Dr. Basavarajapp N S, Dr. Vittal Safare (Rotary President)M.G. Eshwarappa (Principal, DRM Science College), Mr. M C Patil, and more.  The presence of such dignitaries added prestige to the event. 

 The objective of the camp was to excite and stimulate the students by helping maintain optimistic and enthusiastic attitudes, hone their creativity and innovation, develop teamwork, and strengthen leadership skills.  The camp consisted of a variety of activities, from team building exercises to learning sessions.    The LEADers also played added some fun, excitement, and color to the camp by playing Holi. 

At the Leadership Camp, LEADer Shamanth of GMIT College shared his LEAD Prayana 2013 experience, saying that "It is an initiative of the Deshpande Foundation, where a platform is given to develop innovation, skills, and social missions.  Here, LEADers can realize their dreams and turn them into reality.  It offers students an opportunity to make a change in their world today.  LEAD Prayana is devised to bring young and talented minds together to unleash their leadership potential.  100 participants, 13 days, 9 destinations, and one amazing journey!"

LEADers Jyothi and Deepa of Chanukya First Grade College also shared about their Yuva Summit experiences, and explained how they experienced the truth of LEAD's motto, "Complaints start with 'They', solutions start with 'I."

The event was a huge success!  LEADers were given an opportunity to recognize their role as individuals and to understand group behavior.  High levels of energy were maintained throughout the event as LEADers became engaged, motivated, and inspired.

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