Project: Awareness on Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming on Earth Day

Posted on Wednesday, June 05, 2013 by LEAD

Zeeshan Alam (SJMIT College, Chitradurga)

An increase in industrialization and reliance on modern technology has led to a high concentration of greenhouse gases thereby leading to global warming.  This phenomenon, known as the Greenhouse Effect, is severely affecting our planet.  Zeeshan wanted to educate the public and create more awareness for these issues.  With the permission of Dr. S. B. Shivakumar (Principal, SJMIT College, Chitradurga) and help from nine team members, Zeeshan conducted the World Earth Day Program.  The program consisted of a seminar and video presentation on the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming.  Participants of the program also learned about the importance of buying products which do not include CFC's (CFC's increase the concentration of Greenhouse Gases).

Other members in Zeeshan's team included Nisar Ahamed, Rahul G.M., Nithin N V, Thirumala C, Shivananda Reddy, Chethan Kumar, Aishwarya P, Shubha G I, and Shruthi T.

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