Belgaum LEADer Helps 42 HIV/AIDS Infected Orphans

Posted on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 by LEAD

As of today, doctors and scientists continue to struggle to find a cure for HIV/AIDS.  HIV/AIDS affects millions of people across the globe, including children.  LEADer Kaveri from SGBIT, Belgaum, wanted to help these children.

Through extensive research, Kaveri located the Mahesh Foundation, a registered charitable organization which is working towards promoting the welfare of HIV/AIDS infected women and children.  Founded in 2010, the Mahesh Foundation currently maintains 55 houses for children and 5 houses for women.  Kaveri visited the one of the Mahesh Foundation houses and inquired with the Director about the needs of the children.   While the children had many items that they needed, Kaveri decided to provide the children with stationary items, as the children spend most of their time in school.

Kaveri was able to provide 42 children each with a book and two pencils.  Through her project, Kaveri was able to brighten the children's day with hope and happiness.

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