My Story: Sai Prakash (KLEIT, Hubli)

Posted on Monday, August 26, 2013 by LEAD

 Sai Prakash (KLEIT, Hubli)

“Convincing people is tough.  Even if they laugh or mock you, just keep persisting.”

I used to consider myself a very shy person. Until 10th standard, I had never spoken to girl.  I wouldn’t even speak in my own house.

Nowadays, I spend most of his time speaking to large groups of people.  As an active member in the KLEIT LEAD cell, I have led two projects so far since joining.  My second project, Plastic Eradication, has been highly impactful throughout the city of Hubli.  

I became inspired to initiate Plastic Eradication after reading a newspaper article about how plastics had been banned in Karnataka.  However, plastic usage persisted. Sai says, There’s an Indian saying that says you have seven lives.  Even if we’re born seven times, the plastic will still be there…I thought, “Why can’t I do it?  I can influence the corporation people and make them realize their mistakes”. 

I gathered a team of my fellow KLEIT LEAD students set off into the colony of Rajedra Prasad, Indranagar, Hubli to educate the people and collect plastic from homes.  Initially, the public was skeptical.  My team and I were mocked and challenged on several occasions.   Despite these obstacles, though, we kept persisting. 

Our first visit to 20 homes in the colony resulted in the collection of nine gunny bags of plastic.  In our second visit to the same homes, only three gunny bags of plastic were collected.  We have visited the colony more than seven times now, and only one gunny bag of plastic is being collected.   Our team was successfully able to change the public’s mentality and behavior. 

Excited by the successes of our initiative, we have since conducted the project throughout  additional colonies in Hubli and Dharwad, and we don’t plan on stopping there. Our goal is to reach out to 18-22 colonies at first.  Then we’ll approach other colonies in Hubli.

Several stories about the Plastic Eradication Project have been featured in several Hubli newspapers.

Joining LEAD has helped me transform from a quiet student to a strong communicator and activist. Before, I never dared to speak to the public or large audiences.  Now, I can present publicly on the spot.  LEAD made me recognize my potential.  It made me realize what I am.  LEAD always pushes us to do whatever we want to do.  If not for LEAD, I would be a regular college student doing normal college things.

Apart from the accomplishments of my projects, I have become more involved in other aspects of LEAD.  As the LEAD Prayana coordinator for KLEIT, I helped 11 students from my college get selected for LEAD Prayana.  I also took an active role in organizing Yuva Summit 2013, where I was given the opportunity to personally interact with Sudha Murthy and Narayana Murthy.

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