My Story: Shivaprasad Sannakki

Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 by LEAD

Shivaprasad Sannakki (GIT, Belgaum)

I joined LEAD two years ago because I wanted to develop and promote myself.  My long- term goal was to start my own firm.  I knew that I still had a lot of growth, but I was lacking the support that I needed to really push myself, as well as my ideas, forward.
My first project, Joy of Giving Week, was a good opportunity for me to practice my communication and my outreach skills.  During Joy of Giving Week, we set up a stall at my college to collect funds for HIV affected and orphaned children of the Mahesh Foundation.  During Joy of Giving Week, I set up a team, and together we approached all of the students and several staff and faculty members to collect funds and other items to the children.  After one week, I am proud to say that we successfully collected Rs. 10000 and over 80 articles of clothing.  Donating the funds and the clothing to the children is actually one of my favorite memories in LEAD so far.   The students were cheering for us, and we danced with them.  They were so happy, and we were glad that we could help them.
Some other initiatives I have implemented include a debate competition, in which we discussed provocative social topics such as women harassment and child marriage.  I also organized a guest speaker session for the students of my college with Aman Jain, the author of The Naked Highway.  Additionally, I set up a forum board for the LEAD GIT Cell to keep LEAD students more informed about what is happening in LEAD and upcoming events.  
I have several ideas for new LEAD projects as well.  I have a technical idea, which also has the potential to turn into an entrepreneurial project.  I expect that LEAD’s new program, LEADnovators, will help me a lot with this.  
The transformation I have seen in myself since joining LEAD is significant.  I never used to think that any of this work could have been done by me.  I never thought that I alone could achieve all of this.  My mentality before was that I always needed other people to help me.  My self-confidence was definitely lacking.  After successfully implementing so many different initiatives, I can clearly see the power within myself.  My communication skills have also become stronger; I can present myself, and my ideas, in a much better way.   
What I like most about LEAD is that it is giving students with a one-of-a-kind platform for all students.  Students with innovative ideas have the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality.  And for other students, LEAD ignites them to come out beyond themselves and their limits, and to do something. 

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