Leadership Camp at Anjuman Arts and Science Degree College, Dharwad

Posted on Monday, September 30, 2013 by LEAD

On September 29th, a one-day Leadership Camp was held at Anjuman Arts and Science Degree College, Dharwad, for 29 LEADers.  The students started their day off with a creativity session in which they made duck figurines out of old newspapers.  The students then learned about innovation, its importance, and how they can incorporate innovative thinking into their futures.  The LEADers strengthened their communication skills as they participated in several basic communication activities and learned about job interview skills.  Students were also given the opportunity to practice their presentation skills through an activity in which the students were divided into groups and asked to create stories using photos found in newspapers, and present those stories to the other students.  The day ended with some fun jiving and dancing. 

Students gave positive feedback about the Leadership Camp.  After attending the camp, the students feel really motivated to give more effort, concentration, and creativity to their future projects. 

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