My Story: Bharath Hanamaraddi

Posted on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 by LEAD

 Bharath Hanamaraddi (KLEIT, Hubli)

What sets me apart from other students at my college is that I have taken the responsibility of leading 25 of my college peers and overseeing their initiatives, while ensuring that teamwork and coordination is continuously fostered among them.  In November of 2012, I was elected as the first President of the KLEIT LEAD Cell, which was the first student-led LEAD governing body.    

The idea to start a LEAD Club came about in October of 2012.  KLEIT LEAD students had collaborated and worked with each other on several projects.  After successfully working together to implement Sai Prakash Rao’s project, Diwali with Orphans and Old Age People, in which we fundraised over Rs. 5,000, we found that we work well together and possessed similar ways of thinking, and that we could capitalize on our excellent teamwork ability to enhance the success and outreach of future LEAD projects.  

The KLEIT LEAD cell consists of 25 members, but our team hopes to eventually expand to 50 members.  The members have been assigned to teams or committees based on their own personal interests and availability.  The LEAD government is composed of Financial, Scouting, Documentation, and Logistics Teams, as well as Advisory, Planning, and Deputy Committees.  The Financial Team is responsible for collecting all approved project funds, creating a budget, and redistributing the funds to projects, based on need, prior to their implementations.  The Scouting Team is responsible for scouting and recruiting good leaders.  The Documentation Team Is responsible for documenting and preparing reports on Leaders, projects, and leaders’ academic performance.  The Logistics team handles all logistic arrangements and coordination for KLEIT projects and events.  

As the President of the KLEIT LEAD Cell, I am responsible for maintaining enthusiasm within the group, mentoring students on their projects, advertising and branding LEAD at the college, and communicating with the college Principal and faculty members.  

By taking on such an active leadership role in the KLEIT LEAD Cell, I have improved a lot within myself.  LEAD has given me many opportunities to help me understand and practice team and people management, patience, and interpersonal communication.   my LEAD experience has given me public and media exposures and many networking opportunities, which will benefit me personally and professionally.  Everything I’ve learned has come by way of experiential learning provided by the LEAD Program.  Ultimately at the end of the day, LEAD really builds your character.

In addition to the development and changes that LEAD has helped me catalyze within myself, I really admires LEAD for how it is changing other students. LEAD is one such organization that finances you without taking any guarantee from you…it is the only organization that provides you with financial support by just raising your hand.  It gives the same opportunity to everybody, and it provides a big platform to serve for social causes.

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