My Story: Navin Kumar

Posted on Monday, September 16, 2013 by LEAD

Navin Kumar (SKSMACET, Laxmeshwar)

"Think different. Do different. Bring difference." 

I joined LEAD during my 5th semester.  In my first project, LivSmart, my team and I provided career guidance to 600 students in schools near Navalgund.  Energized by this success, I decided to implement another project that would benefit a local blind school.  After interacting with the children and the teachers from the school, I came to know about the challenges students face while learning Braille.  Braille is an essential skill for visually impaired students to learn, though it is also a very difficult task to learn.  To learn Braille, one must memorize various patterns of keys assigned for different letters, words, and symbols, in order to read and write efficiently.

Being an engineering student, I knew that I possessed the technical knowledge to create something innovative that could benefit a social cause as well.  So, I set myself to work.  After several months of dedication, trial, and error, I designed and created the Electronic Progressive Braille Learning Kit.  

My Braille Learning Kit facilitates the Braille learning process and assists students with the more difficult stages of Braille learning.  The Braille Learning Kit helps students of all educational levels by allowing them to feel a character while simultaneously reading the character aloud to them.  

The unique nature of my Braille Learning Kit qualified me to compete in Intel’s Next Big Idea 2013 Competition, in which I competed against over 6,000 business plans proposed by experienced business professionals from throughout India.  My business plan to market the Braille Learning Kit made it to the Top 10.

LEAD showed me that a small idea lit by a matchstick can be taken to a greater extent.  Similarly, my very small idea has taken me to a great extent.  LEAD stands for LEaders Accelerating Development.  LEAD has accelerated me to this level.  By exposing me to social issues, LEAD inspired me to create a useful project that meets a social need.  

In the future, you will see me at the top.  I am confident in that. 

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