Belgaum Leadership Camp LEADers Carry Out Initiatives to Maximize Learning

Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2013 by LEAD

LEAD Leadership Camps take place across all the locations year-round to provide students with practical exposure to leadership skills, communication, team building, and more.  In the Basic Leadership Camp that was recently conducted in Belgaum, participating students maximized their learning by implementing two unique initiatives outside in the community. 
The first team made the best of local resources to help the residents of a slum area in Mahantesh Nagar.  Before visiting the slum, the students collected used household materials and clothes to donate to people.  Additionally, they collected banners from shops to be used as shelter for those families who live in huts. The collected items were distributed to more than 50 families living in the area.  The team's initiative is not ending there.  The students also spoke to the slum residents and made a record of the daily problems that they face.  The team intends to find solutions to these various problems, and to carry out these solutions in the near future. 

The second teams sought to raise awareness and combat women violence by spreading knowledge of self-defense.  The team performed evocative skits portraying different ways in which women are threatened in society, followed by the teaching of self-defense techniques for how to escape from those threatening situations.  After the skit, the LEADers devoted extra time to teach 15 young girls different methods for escaping from kidnapping and harassment. 

These action-based initiatives demonstrate just how our LEADers are willing to channel their energy and strengths to  solve major community issues. 

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