BIET LEAders Teach English to 25 Orphans

Posted on Sunday, October 06, 2013 by LEAD

LEADers Nazma and Meghana of BIET are fluent English speakers, and they decided to use their strong English skills to help others.  Nazma and Meghana worked together to teach English, along with moral values, to the orphans of Omkara Huch Naga Lingappa Anathalaya.  They framed a syllabus and taught 25 children how to write their names in English, Kannada, and Hindi.  Nazma and Meghana also taught the children how to properly introduce themselves in English, as well as the English names for different fruits and vegetables.  The LEADers ended their session by teaching the children about the importance of peace, honesty, and friendship.  

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