LEAD Launches in Nizamabad with Four Successful Initiatives

Posted on Monday, October 07, 2013 by LEAD

LEAD has just been recently launched in Nizamabad, Andhrapradesh, in the Kakatiya Sandbox region (Nizamabad, Karimnagar, and Medak) and on October 6th, Deshpande Foundation LEAD students from several Nizamabad colleges united with a common goal: to create positive changes throughout Nizamabad. With coordination support from Mr. Santosh Ittanagi, over 60 student LEAD members from Nishita Degree and PG College, Vijay Rural Engineering College, Vijay College of Engineering for Women, Khatriya College of Engineering, Kakatiya Institute of Engineering for Women, and S.S.R. Degree College led initiatives tackling four persisting problems in Nizamabad.

LEAD members congregated at the LEAD office (located at Rukmini Chambers, Vinayaknagar) at 7:30 AM and moved towards the Nizamabad District Hospital. In the presence of Mr. Satyanarayana (Hospital Superintendent) and Mr. Sravan Kumar (RMO), the LEADers worked together to improve the hospital compound.  After cleaning up the hospital ground, the students planted several saplings and painted the exterior walls and parking zones.  Mr. Satyanarayana mentioned that he was very impressed by the initiative. 

At 10:30 AM, the LEADers moved from the Government Hospital, divided themselves into groups, and hit the streets of Nizamabad to spread awareness about the importance of protecting the environment by saving fuel. Fuel is harmful for the environment, and a lot of fuel gets wasted when drivers leave their motors turned on while stopped at traffic junctions. 

Carrying banners, the students approached drivers and encouraged them to turn off their motors while stopped at traffic junctions.  

10 LEAD students went to the District Railway Station.  Traffic was a major problem at the Railway Station.  Although a parking zone had been allocated by the Railway Department, most drivers were not aware of location of the parking zone and instead parked their vehicles wherever they chose, thereby creating heavy traffic congestion and disorganization at the station.  The students improved this traffic problem by creating signs to direct incoming drivers towards the allocated parking zone.  

The day ended with a candle march against women harassment, one of India’s most prevalent problems. The 60 LEAD students marched together throughout the city carrying candles and placards to give remembrance for past victims of women harassment, and to create awareness in order to stop women harassment from occurring in the future.  The peaceful rally inspired the public, and many people expressed appreciation for the students.  

These first Nizamabad initiatives were successful in uniting LEAD students to work for society.  More importantly, though, these initiatives are a testament to how LEAD is solving major problems by inspiring action and developing leadership within energetic college students.  We can’t wait to see what all LEAD Nizamabad has in store!