Belgaum LEADer Brings Computer Knowledge to 50 Children

Posted on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 by LEAD

"If you are an engineer and don't share your knowledge with others, then what is the use of being an engineer?"  It was with this mindset that Akshay, a LEADer and student from Jain College of Engineering, Belgaum, carried forward his LEAD project.  One day, Akshay saw students from poor backgrounds and knew that he could improve their lives by improving their education.  Akshay approached the students and asked them what they wanted to learn.  The children told them that they wanted to learn how to use the machine that "rich kids use to play games".  Akshay was puzzled at first, as he was not sure what the children were talking about, but he soon realized that the children were referring to computers. 

Akshay approached his friend who runs a computer center and told him about his plan to teach the children basic computer skills.  He appreciated Akshay's efforts and agreed to give to let Akshay use his centre to teach the children free of cost. 

50 children came for the computer lessons.  Akshay has plans to expand his idea to impact more children. 

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