Belgaum LEADer Changes Dirty Habits: Promoting a Green Kittur Utsav

Posted on Saturday, November 23, 2013 by LEAD

Kittur Utsav is a time of lots of enjoyment, but as we spend time enjoying and celebrating we do not put much thought or consideration into the devastating harm we are causing to our environment.  During this 3-day cultural festival, thousands of people, come, enjoy...but also litter.  LEADer Sanjeev, a PG student of Rani Channamma University, thought to break this vicious cycle.  He gathered a team and together, they approached people and convinced them to enjoy the festival without littering.

While many people criticized their efforts, Sanjeev and his team did not give up.  They approached people time and time again, and posted posters to get their message across to the public. They even performed a skit to enhance the importance of their message.  Their relentlessness led to results.   The team observed that most people made the extra effort to dispose of their waste packets and bottles in existing dustbins.  If no dustbins were close by, they would keep their waste wrappers and packets inside their pockets until they found an available dustbin.  

 Sanjeev is just one example of our many LEADers who are creating change by changing the mindsets of those around them. 

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