Belgaum LEADer Invents "Trash-A-Nator" To Solve Waste Pollution Problem

Posted on Saturday, November 30, 2013 by LEAD

As dry waste accumulates and is not being disposed of fast enough, cities and towns run the risk of becoming over-polluted.  What's worse, people try to control the buildup by waste by burning it, which releases dangerous toxins into the air that our lungs survive by. 

GIT, Belgaum LEADer, Anirudh, was also concerned about the increasing waste and pollution problem, and his latest invention, the "Trash-A-Nator" provides a beautiful solution.  Anirudh's "Trash-A-Nator" can burn up to 200 liters of dry waste in just a few minutes.  Moreover, the "Trash-A-Nator" converts dangerous Carbon monoxide byproduct, a toxic gas and also the main cause of global warming, into Carbon dioxide, thereby producing significantly less air pollution. The ash produced from the burning can be mixed with manure to be used as fertilizer for plants.

Anirudh spent a year working hard on developing the "Trash-A-Nator".  The machine has been approved by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board.

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