Deshpande Foundation Welcomes LEAD Nizamabad Students to Hubli!

Posted on Saturday, November 09, 2013 by LEAD

From November 6th to November 8th, students from one of LEAD's newest locations in Nizamabad journeyed to Hubli to explore more about Deshpande Foundation, LEAD, as well as themselves. 

Day 1:
The Nizamabad students arrived in Hubli on November 6th at 11.30 AM.  After going on a tour of the Deshpande Foundation, the students engaged in a creativity session with Aditi Kowshik (Teaching Faculty, Deshpande Foundation).  Following the creativity session, the students interacted with Naveen Jha(CEO, Deshpande Foundation), during which Naveen enthused the students by making them explore their potential as youth.  The LEAD Nizamabad students were then given the opportunity to interact with all of the fellows of the Deshpande Foundation Fellowship Programs, Masters of Social Entrepreneurship students (MSE) and active LEAD students from the Hubli region.

Day 2:
The Nizamabad students started their day bright and early at 6AM.  As an energizer activity, the students were given the task to interact with each other in order to understand each other better. The group then visited Akshaya Patra and had an interactive session with Akshaya Patra staff member, Mr. Rajesh.  After touring Akshaya Patra, the students visited Agastya Foundation and explored the science models. In the afternoon, the students attended an IT session held by Appaji Rao, Krishnaji, and Aarya.  After all of their site visits and interactions, the LEAD Nizamabad students to start taking action to solve local problems.  On the evening of November 7th, the LEAD Nizamabad students collaborated with the MSE students the 50 students conducted a candle light march to create awareness for women harassment.  Starting at the Deshpande Foundation, the group marched to KIMS Hospital and performed skits to attract the local public and to give their rally more impact.

Day 3:
The LEAD Nizamabad students started their day again at 6AM with some energizer activities.  They then attended a session on time management and leadership conducted by Neeta (Program Manager, Deshpande Fellowship Program) and Annie Vijaya (HR Manager, Deshpande Foundation). Afterwards, the students attended sessions with Ajay Suman Shukla (Functional Head, LEAD) and Naveen Jha.  The students were very curious and asked many questions regarding leadership and entrepreneurship.  The students ended their evening with yet another community activity, in which they collaborated with Koutilya Fellows.  With the slogan, "Be Indian, buy Indian" in mind, the students rallied to create awareness for desi products.

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