Eureka Science Exhibition Brings Hands-On Learning to 500 School Students

Posted on Monday, February 17, 2014 by LEAD

Shivanand Pati, a student of KLECET, Belgau, has been very active in LEAD over the past two years.  Through his involvements with LEAD, Shivanand came to know about the work of Agastya International Foundation, which runs the largest hands-on science program in the world.  With the intention to promote the work of Agastya and to help government school children enjoy fun, hands-on science learning, Shivanand organized Eureka Science Exhibition at his college.  After getting permission and support from his college, Shivanand conducted a survey of government schools in Belgaum and met with the school Headmasters.  He then approached the Agastya Foundation in Hubli and convinced them to bring their mobile science lab vans to Belgaum.

Eureka Science Exhibition attracted more than 500 school students, who got the unique opportunity to learn scientific concepts through models and hands-on learning.  In addition, the success of Shivanand's project inspired 10 of his peers to join LEAD.

Shivanand's project was showcased during Yuva Summit 2014. 

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