Gulbarga LEADer Cleans Slum Area

Posted on Sunday, February 16, 2014 by LEAD

LEADer Dattu Kambale of NV Degree College, Gulbarga, was disgusted by the condition that he found in a slum area.  The colony was covered in waste because there was no dustbin available for the residents to dispose of their waste properly.  Mountains of trash littered the roadsides, creating a smelly, unhygienic environment.  Dattu approached corporation and made them aware of the problem.  He convinced them that the area was in dire need of a dustbin.

While Dattu waited for the response from corporation, he put together a team and they took initiative to clean the area.  In addition to cleaning, the students also approached the colony residents and educated them about the importance of maintaining hygiene.

After the area had been fully cleaned by the students, corporation agreed to place a dustbin in the colony.

Dattu's project was showcased during Yuva Summit 2014.

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