LEADer Converts Plastic to Crude Oil

Posted on Sunday, February 16, 2014 by LEAD

Atheeq, like many others, had been observing the plastic crisis for a while.  Plastics are a huge threat since they are not biodegradable.  Many solutions to rid our planet of deadly plastics have started to take form, but most of these solutions are still not affordable enough to be adopted.  With Atheeq's device, plastic can be burned and converted into crude oil, an unrefined petroleum product which can later be refined to produce useful products such as gasoline, diesel and more.  Essentially, hot air is fed into a process vessel.  This air is continually recycled in a loop to maximize heat loss.  The process vessel is isolated from oxygen and is exposed to a vacuum environment.  This energy is used to depolymerize the plastic into crude oil.  Atheeq's method is more affordable than others because it relies on charcoal to catalyze the process, whereas other models do not rely on any catalysts.  Atheeq is still working on my model to make it more cost effective.

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