LEAD Valedictory 2014 at Belgaum

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The 2014 LEAD Valedictory function was held on April 3rd, 2014, at Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum. Leaders got special and gratitude for accomplishments and initiatives. In the presence of Special Guests of Honor, Principals, Faculties and Leaders from different colleges Chikodi, Nidasoshi and Belgaum. This celebratory event attracted and unified over 250 students and their parents, as well as more than 15 faculty and principal’s, from 14 different colleges. 
 On 3rd April 2014, LEAD Belgaum conducted valedictory function in GIT College,Belgaum. LEAD best project with awards. The guests of honor, Mr.Nishit Sahay,Advisor ,VTU and chief Mentor-cSTPP, Prof Krishnareddy Malali, Registrar JGI Group,North Karnataka Region, Dr.A.S.Deshpande ,Principal,GIT,BelgaumMr.Naveen Jha,CEO,Deshpande Foundation.Dr. B Y Kamble,Director - RCU, Belgaum.

Leaders showcased project through photos 50+ Chart  displayed and highly appreciated by all. Creative charts made to showcase best photos of LEAD activities. The GIT campus was well decorated. 
LEAD recollected Best Leader . Santosh Kaveri from Samiti College, Aniruddh from GIT, Jyoti from Womens College, Chikodi. Best College award of 2014 GIT and KLECET, Belgaum.Cash Prize for B Plan in 2014  Ashika Jain and Santosh Kaveri.4 MMEC, KLECET, Belgaum. GIT and KLECET, Chikodi.250+ students from 8 colleges and 10 aculties, arents and 2 NGO s 3 Leaders shared experience LEAD and self learning.Creativity and Signage team highly appreciated for the work.

The event began with an introduction by Mr. Harshit Kulkarni  (LEAD Faculty coordinator of GIT)Several faculty members discussed how LEAD has helped diversify and enhance the college experiences of the students.  A few LEADers were then given the opportunity to speak about how LEAD encouraged their personal growth and development.
Mr. Naveen Jha (CEO, Deshpande Foundation) inspired the LEADers by speaking about the power and potential of the youth to instigate positive change in India.  According to him, "There are 300 million youth in India right now.  If each of them did a LEAD project, we could rid of our problems…the power of small initiatives is very immense.”Special awards were then presented to various students and faculty members who demonstrated exceptional leadership, projects, and support.

  The LEAD Valedictory function award categories and recipients are listed below:


                        Master Leader Award 2013 – 2014 :Mr. Nitin Meghannavar from GIT

Most Initiatives Taken 2013 – 2014:Basavaraj Taradale from SJPN Trust Polytechnic College, Nidasoshi.

Technical Innovation2013 – 2014:Amogh Desai from AITM
Technical Innovation2013 - 2014:Balachandra Karagifrom Jain College of Engineering, Belgaum.
Best Project 2013 2014:Omkar Taralefrom KLECET, Belgaum
Effective Community Sensitization 2013 – 2014:Pooja B Hosure
Techno Social Innovation 2013 – 2014 :Deepak C Lahoti (Farmer Friendly project)from SJPN Polytechnic College, Nidasoshi
Water Conservation 2013 – 2014:Deepika Jadav ( Waste water infiltration system)from Womens college.
Project of Education Promotion 2013 – 2014:Akshay Mannur( Computer Education)from Jain College of Engineering, Belgaum
Project of Education Promotion 2013 – 2014 :Shweta Babli ( Teaching rural kids)

Leader from MMEC, Belgaum.

Agricultural Project 2013 – 2014:Santosh S Patil ( Low cost organic pesticide)from Jain College

Awareness in Health and Hygiene 2013 – 2014:Sheetal Patil ( Training health and higien to women’s)from GIT.
Most Active Volunteer Leader :Mr. Vedant Maheshwari
Best Supportive Faculty 2013 – 2014:Dr. Jayashri Nagralli
Best Supportive Faculty 2013 – 2014:Mrs. Shreedevi Shintri
Exceptional Support for LEAD :Mr. S Shivakumar
LEAD Exodus Team:Anam Hudli,Basavaraj Handigund,Nitinkumar Megannavar

Sagar Agarwal,Sanket Patil,Shivaprasad Sannkki,Sarang Bellubi,Siddart Kundri,Yash Kulkarni

Most Creative Leader 2013 – 2014:Ashika Jain,Ankita,Kaveri Goudappagol

LEAD Ambassador Award 2013 - 2014
Jayesh Birje (Jain College)
Shivaprasad Sannakki (GIT)
Anam Hudli (GIT)
Pramod Hukkeri (BK College, Chikodi)
Kaveri Goudappagol (SGBIT)
Alisha Shilledar (KLECET, Belgaum)

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