Belgaum LEADer Puneeth created awareness on importance of voting

Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 by LEAD

People of this nation keep complaining about the present condition of our country. We thought that it would be the right time to do something for the betterment of our country. To make the people realise on how important is their vote in the election and how they can be a part in developing the nation. 

On 13th of April we started the project in our college, we went to each and every department and tied the band to all the staff members and told them the importance of their vote. We also informed students about the importance of their vote, after which we visited the local residents and requested them to cast their votes in order to bring in some change. We faced certain challenges in terms of seeking permission from the Mall owners in order to create awareness. People whom we approached at the residents were very well convinced with our presentation. The feedback which we got clearly showed us that we were going in the right path and boosted our confidence. We learnt how to convince people. We learnt how to interact with the people. We could convince many people to vote and many people voluntarily joined our rally.We are happy that we were able to convince the people to vote as it is their right. We would surely like to take up this project before every election in a different level.

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