Hubli LEADer Omkar Tarale designed a software called iRegister

Posted on Thursday, July 24, 2014 by LEAD

The Journey of successful development of application “iRegister” started with the identification of a problem of registration process of the tek fest “INFUZE” where more than 3000 students from different colleges participate in different events conducted by our college. All the registrations were done by manually writing and giving receipt as proof of successful registration and at the end of all registrations it was very tedious to keep a track of participated members during the event. Also, the accounts were not maintained properly.
     Looking into this problem I came up with an idea to design software for the registration process. Initially it was a few application serving needs of only my department but later after presenting it to college officials I was asked to design the software for the entire college.
The iRegister application has following features.
·        Maintains all data of registered members.
·        Sends instant and SMS and Email notification giving complete information of the event like date, time, venue etc after every successful registration.
·        Easy to use Interface.
·        Shows Statistics of number of registrations, Amount Collected, Expense of individual event and entire department in just few clicks.
·        Generates Excel reports of every individual event.
·        Calculates the total reg amount based on the event selected
·        Shows the status of paid or unpaid by the participant.


This year the “iRegister” Application brought a change in the registration process in KLE College of engineering and technology Belgaum for the INFUZE tech fest held on 21st & 22nd Feb 2014. Registrations of all the events in all departments were done through this application.
The registration was done parallel using nearly 13 Laptops in 5 days. The daily Statistics reporting was done to all department heads and principal .

·     More than 3000 students from different colleges of Belgaum were done through this registration process.
·  There was complete elimination of manual entries, calculation and reporting, hence saved a lot of time and man power.
·    This served in the go green initiative by saving ample amount of paper which otherwise used for manual registration and receipt.
·       Accurate calculation and department wise reporting was obtained in just few clicks.

The implementation of this project was not possible without the support, guidance and motivation of my parents and family. This wouldn’t be successful without the approval and support of my professors and principal of kLECET

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