LEAD leaders saluted brave soldiers on Kargil Vijay Diwas

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On 26th July 2014 LEAD commemorated the 15th anniversary of Operation Vijay. The nation salutes the supreme sacrifice of our valiant soldiers for their gallant display of their courage in defending our borders and is indebted to them and their families.

Indeed we are fortunate to lead a safe and secure life because our fellow countrymen are safeguarding our motherland. On this very day, 14 years ago, 527 soldiers of our Army, made the supreme sacrifice answering the call of duty in safeguarding our holy motherland on the treacherous heights near Kargil. It was on the 26th of July 1999 that the unparalleled Kargil conflict named as Operation Vijay came to an end with India’s consummate victory over Pakistan.  

On the occasion of Kargil Vijay Diwas, LEAD students spared some time and joined  in paying homage to the Martyrs of Kargil War. On this solemn occasion LEAD members planned for the series of activities in all locations to provide an opportunity to all for expressing patriotic thoughts and also to pay homage to the departed souls in their own way. LEAD members gathered in different locations to commemorate this occasion by actively participating in the event.

LEAD Davangere

Leader Vinayak Kabade, student of BIET College, and Leader Abhishek.B. of DRM College, came out with an idea to initiate a project in Davangere. Their idea turned into action after a meeting in office. Action was held in Davangere on 26.7.2014 at 6:00 P M in the premises of Govt Mothi Veerappy Junior College in M.C Colony. Procession containing good number of  30 students from LEAD Colleges passed through LEAD Office which is near Shankar Leela Gas Agency, Gundi Circle and reached the  program venue. Another troop of  200 students of Edu Asia (Navodaya) school joined the gathering. Smt.Neela Kumari (Founder of Edu Asia School) was the Chief Guest of the program. Indian Army Soldiers,  Sri.K.C.Yallappa (Karnataka Rakshana Vedike) and Smt.Saroja (BJP Senior Activist) Sri.B.S Nadiger leading Educational Consultant were also present. A huge gathering of Citizens, youth and students witnessed the function.  Mrs.Deepashree Ram Mohan (Program Manager- LEAD Deshpande Foundation hosted the gathering. Function was inaugurated by Smt.Neela Kumari by lighting the candle, in the Gundi Circle. A Huge crowd illuminated the circle with lighted candles, Patriotic songs were sung which added colors to the program. The program was concluded by singing the national anthem.

Newly joined DRM College Student, Sahana had a celebration of Kargil Vijay Diwas in Thiramma Reddy college, Davangere. She visited classes in the afternoon and shared information on importance of Kargil Vijay Diwas. Her initiative inspired others to celebrate this project every year.

LEAD Chitradurga

At S J M Women’s College, LEAD student Rachana, organised Rangoli competition and Drawing competition On 26th July' 2014, 40 students gathered in auditorium and instructions were given to them that they need to come out with creative drawings on theme patriotism. The project was successfully executed in college premises and it was appreciated by faculties. LEAD members took a role and organized the Kargil day in unique way. Active participation of LEAD members made others also join LEAD.

LEAD Sirsi

The day on which the nation commemorates its hard-earned victory in the Kargil War is also an occasion that invokes feelings of both pain and pride for the families of the brave jawans who laid down their lives protecting the territory of India from intruders.  Active leaders of Govt First Grade College; Maithri, Akshatha, Shrutha and Keertha celebrated Kargil Vijay Diwas in Kulave School,Sirsi. LEAD members visited school and shared information on how Kargil war had taken place ?When?and where? Students felt happy for sharing the information with them the children were inspired by the sacrifice of the great soldiers.

 LEAD Bijapur

Leader Praveen Patil, Rahul Aursand, Shreyas Shetty and Shreedhar from Bijapur visited to a Government School and shared stories of Kargil war which was happened in 1999. Students were very much inspired by the tough role played by soldiers in war and felt proud for their sacrifice. Through various live examples students felt the life of a soldier and role in Indian Army. At last prayed for betterment of soldier families.

Leader Akash Kalage of Bijapur visited Government primary school in Raibag to celebrate 15th anniversary of  Kargil Vijay Diwas. He  hosted tricolor flag and sung national anthem with staff and students. He also addressed the gathering by sharing the stories of the soldiers and lit the candles to mourn for the departed souls. At the end teachers shared and suggested to follow this tradition of giving gratitude to war heroes.

Lakshmi an active participant form Lead Leadership Program, visited Kunchnur high school,Bijapur. The project was held to remember the soldiers sacrificed their life for us. On this occasion  Mr.B.B.Arakeri (Chair person and  Mr.A.M.Zende (Ex Service men) Mr. Shakar Vibhuti (Teacher) and Miss Rajeshwaari (Founder of S.M.Foundation-Chikkodi) were the guests of honour of this function. This was a better platform to share and honour who served for mother India. Around 500 school students witnessed the event. Mr.A.M.Zende expressed his experience in Indian Army and motivated young kids to serve the Nation. Ms.Lakshmi is thankful to LEAD team for their support and encouragement to overcome her stage fear in LEADership journey.

LEAD Gulbarga:

LEAD Gulbarga also took part in the celebration of 15th Kargil Vijayotsava by evening around 4:30 PM. It was part of LEAD project initiated by Leader Manappa and others in colony. There is no boundry for creativity, it was proved by Leader Shivakumar  in presenting  in a card sheet on Kargil Vijayotsava and each of them 12 members who gathered gave a standing salute for life of soldiers. The soldiers who fought at Kargil Vijay Diwas were honored in an artistic and creative way in a unique way. This collective production of creativity will allow the memories of the soldiers to live on in a timeless manner. 

LEAD Belgaum:

LEADers of Belgaum planned and executed soldiers day in different way. They interviewed the Ex-military men and asked them to share their experience in service. LEADers gave a gratitude and invoked a feeling of pride in them for their service in military.

After the dusk, LEADers Santosh and Jayesh explained the public about the Kargil Vijay Diwas and asked the civilians of their colony to light a candle to all those BRAVE HEARTS who sacrificed their lives for the nation. The group attracted public attention by shouting patriotic chants as they walked through the streets.  Through their high enthusiasm energy, Belgaum students created a deep awareness and appreciation for the soldiers.  

Leader Makarand from KLECET College,Belgaum took initiative to celebrate in Aralikati. He gathered all villagers in the evening and showed Kargil war videos and shared his knowledge to all villagers. At the end gathering continued with candle march and showing respect to soldiers.Around 100 villagers were part of this program.


Leader Raju from ASS College, Gadag took initiative to celebrate Kargil Day by showcasing presentations through audio video visuals in the college. On this occasion nearly 200 students were present and gave a standing ovation to all Kargil war heroes. They all observed “Kargil Vijay Diwas” by honoring the family members of the martyrs and other soldiers from Karnataka who contributed to the victory.

Leader Noor Ahamad of Dharwad visited “Kargil Vijayotsava Smaraka Stupa”, a memorial erected in memory of the soldiers who laid down their lives in defence of the country during the operation in 1999. He gathered people and prayed for soldiers. India won the war against Pakistan on July 26, 1999 which is now celebrated as Kargil Vijay Diwas across the nation. There are many names which we cannot forget when it comes to the historic victory of Kargil war. These are the words shared by Noor Ahamad.

On this day, 13 activities were taken place from LEAD leaders in 8 locations with the participation of 1500 people.

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