LEADer Amogh invented a Pedal powered Metal Cutter

Posted on Monday, July 28, 2014 by LEAD

Amogh Desia, a first semester mechanical engineering student at AITM College, Belgaum, is one of the few engineers who dedicated his knowledge and time towards improving lives of the people through low cost technology. Laborers everywhere are unable to afford expensive mechanical metal cutters, and are generally left with no choice other than the laborious act of cutting metal by hand. Amogh felt the hard work and effort of the metal cutters so he planned to ease their pain. With some struggle and confidence in the existence of a simple and more affordable solution, Amogh invented a pedal powered metal cutter which has the potential to help the laborers everywhere.

Amogh’s metal cutter relies on the simple principle of the conversion from rotation motion to oscillatory motion.  The machine itself is inexpensive, as it is made from the waste body of a bicycle and other pieces of scrap metal that are easy to find.  The machine is made from lightweight materials, it can be transported anywhere. The machine is also inexpensive to operate; it runs on a 12 volt power battery, which is then recharged by a dynamo that produces a current from paddling.  Amogh has even mounted a light to the machine so that it can be used at night.  Machine with multiple features only costs about Rs. 3000/-

Very few engineering first year students have created something so innovative and helpful, from a bicycle and a scrap metal.  While the impact of Amogh’s machine is yet to be determined, it is estimated to be of immense potential. Innovation is impressive, but only innovation that is inclusive of everyone can be transformational.  Though merely a first year student, Amogh has studied the important development and entrepreneurial lesson, and his future endeavors will likely be promising. 

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