LEADer Niraj appreciates the hardwork of Women

Posted on Friday, July 25, 2014 by LEAD

The main intention behind this event was to appreciate the sincere and hard work being done by all the working women. These workers work their socks off through sweat and pain to keep the campus kempt and clean. People who visit our campus are astonished by the beauty of the campus and regard our campus as the best campus in Maharashtra, let alone in Pune. 

All the credit goes to the women staff for this. So to acknowledge them, to make them feel wanted, we planned this event. Seeing their joyful faces we can confidently say that the event was a huge success. The token of gift from our side was a rose, a mask and gloves, keeping in mind about the dust and filth which they have to clean.

The event was planned on short notice and therefore we only had one day to plan, organise and collect funds which was strictly from all the students, those who came forward appreciated the noble idea behind it. We managed to get permission for booking the hall in our campus. The event basically commenced with the speech by the head of the campus in-charge followed by a short documentary and finally a classical dance by one of our team mates.


Only thing we would like to say is that this was simple idea which we managed to showcase successfully and we believe many more such simple ideas are needed to bring about a better change to the society.

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