Chitradurga organised two days Leadership camp for 7 Colleges

Posted on Monday, September 01, 2014 by LEAD

LEaders of Chitradurga experienced the two days camp held on 16th  and 17th Aug 2014. 51 Leaders from 7 Colleges from Chitradurga region gathered in SJM Mutt by 2:00 PM. Students  introduced themselves to each other by forming concentric circle. 
The excitement was then followed with an Ice Breaking activity; The Big Puzzle was introduced to improve their communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership initiative etc. The energy level was going high the students were later divided into 12 teams for a role play, in just 15 minutes leaders were ready to showcase their ideas on social cause like Child labour, Corruption, Child marriage which made the students realise about the ongoing issues in the society.    

The day continued with Energizing activities like passing the balloon, passing the rope, and the ever lively Jiguja Jiguja action song. Students actively paticipated in the Birthday line up activity and shared their Birth dates. By this activity they came to know that even without talking to each other one can do something to achieve the goal in their life.

The evening was then followed by Creativity and Brainstorming session. Each students presented their ideas and have planned for execution of it in coming days. The first ended with lot of fun, excitement and learning. Second day students gathered with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Students initiated the community activities like Shramadana. The activity involved, cleaning the campus, guiding the visitors, food serving, animal care and other small initiatives to taste the leadership. The Manager encouraged and motivated the students by providing the required materials they needed to complete the activities.This led the students to utilise the local resources which were readily available. Students were allowed inside the  Murugha  Vana for free visit and their activities were witnessed by nearly 1000 visitors.

Students met Sri Sri Sri Murugha Shivamuthy Swamiji and witnessed Viragasya traditional dance in the Mutt.The camp concluded by sharing the opinion and reflection of each other. Many students are looking forward for next LEAD activity shortly. The camp influenced many students and over 14 Non LEAD members from  S J M Dental College joined LEAD Program.

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