LEaders from Vijay Rural Engineering College took initiative to improve the Literacy Rate

Posted on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 by LEAD

 On the occasion of world literacy day which is celebrated on 8th September, LEader Satyaphanindra, Srujan and Saikrishna from Vijay Rural Engineering College, came up with an innovative idea on improving the literacy rate in the rural and remote areas of Nizamabad district. Students had done a survey on the educational status of 38 families residing at Vengal Rao Nagar Colony, which is a developing area. To the LEaders surprise they found that, there were two schools running in that area, one is up to 7th standard in Urdu medium and a primary school in which there are only 2 children studying.

The primary school has become a place for all the anti-social activities for some of the youngsters in the absence of teachers and students. The literacy rate is quite low. Most of the parents are not educated as they had discontinued their studies due to poverty, ill health and several other reasons. When the kids of the area were asked about their interest to joining schools most of them responded positively saying yes that they would join the schools nearby. 

In order to make people aware about the importance of education LEaders organised a signature campaign to make people know the value of their sign. Elderly people and adults are interested to join schools if the Government is ready to arrange them with the adult education program like Akshara Kiranam at their area.

LEADers met Mandal Education Officer (MEO) and personally met District Education Officer (DEO) Mr.Srinivasa Chary and also the District Collector, Magistrate Mr.Ronald Rose to discuss the issue of the area. All of them assured the LEADers that, they will take immediate action on this and also would identify other such areas of the district and also promised the LEADers for providing Healthy Elementary School and Adult Education in remote areas for the progress of literacy rate.

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