LEaders of Jain College placed Radium Bands on the Gates of Railway Station.

Posted on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 by LEAD

The reason to take up this project was, a week before one of our friend and his father were traveling at night around 8 pm, and they could not see the railway boom as it was dark due to power cut in the area due to which he slightly hit the boom. 

 When we heard of this so we the LEAD students just spoke to the railway officials and told them about the problem. We then realized that, “why always the railway department should do this, as they always think of the safety measures of public, but sometimes due to bad weather condition like rain and due to many other reasons the radium of the booms gets dim”.

We then thought that being the citizens of India we are equally responsible to improvise our nation, so we should take up the initiative and put radium bands on all the railway gates of Belgaum city. With the help of railway officials and workers we applied the radium bands on all the 8 railway gates of Belgaum.
Railway officials and workers helped us in implementing our idea. Many young LEaders such as Bhakti, ,Pallavi, Emitee, Pavan, Akshay ,Saif ,Shrinidhi, Sona, Gautam, Nitish, took the initiative in applying it individually with the help of Mr. Kashinath and his friends of railway committee to the respected gates First gate ,second gate, third gate, Tilakwadi, fourth gate near kLECET College, Shahapur gate near Kapleshwar , and the surrounding gates near the fort. This activity was done under the LEAD coordinators of Jain Engineering College, Santosh Patil and Jayesh Birje.

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