LEADers of KLE College of Engineering and Technology, Chikkodi

Posted on Thursday, September 11, 2014 by LEAD

LEADer Akshay thought to take up the initiative due to one experience he underwent while he was travelling to home after college hours. Akshay met a school going student in a bus while travelling back to home after college hours. Akshay started using his laptop while he was journeying and the student sitting beside him was curious to know about the system and how it works. Student was asking questions one after the other as he was very much interested to know more and more. Akshay was surprised with the questions the student asked and in return he asked the student; don’t you have a subject on computer and the answer was NO. Akshay made up his mind to work on this problem so he decided to approach the school and give basic knowledge about the computers.

LEader Akshay along with other LEaders like Sudharani Kalgi, Shivshankar Chunmuri, Dheeraj Chinchane, Prithviraj Chavan, Akshay Dindur, Rajat Shirke, Pooja Patil, Akib Sayeed, Prashant Biradar, Praveen Kategeri, Nandini Sabrad of KLE College of Engineering and Technology, Chikkodi planned and visited the school Principal to seek permission in order to teach the students and the management were very happy with the initiative that the leaders had taken. Akshay and team entered the class room and they could feel the excitement of the kids in the school. Leaders first introduced themselves and then asked few questions to the students about computers for which most of the students did not answer. LEaders then taught the students about Computer hardware, its working, Importance and usage after which the students were given a simple test to know the impact of the teaching. The results were well. Students answered all the questions that were asked. 30 Children loved and enjoyed the teaching. While returning one boy said “anna nale mathe ba ebru type madonu computer valaga” which means “Brother please do come tomorrow also, lets type together”

Akshay and team were very happy with the response that they got from the students. They learnt that there are many needy people, helping them and bringing joy and happiness in their life makes their day fulfilled.

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