LEaders of Shri Mrithyunjaya College took initiative to protect Plants.

Posted on Thursday, September 04, 2014 by LEAD

Leader Sheetal Kumar, Vinay, Sharanabasav, Chetan, Ravi, Walikar and Akshay of Shri Mrithyunjaya College, Dharwad, took the initiative to protect plants by fencing it at our college. We noticed that the plants were not protected due to which the cows ate the tender leafs that were growing and the growth of the plant was stopped. We did the fencing for 18 plants in 5 hours with the team work for the plants at our college campus.

We brought the sticks and tied it with the jute rope in a triangular shape and made a small pit near the plant so that the water gets accumulated whenever it is watered or during rain. It will help the plans grow faster and also they will be protected from cows and other animals from destruction. The initiative that we took made everyone happy and we received lot of appreciation from the college management. We learnt that if we have unity we can achieve anything in this world. It was indeed a great achievement for us as the plants when they grow as trees they give air, shade etc so most of the people will be benefited in near future.

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