LEaders of University of Agriculture and Science, Dharwad gave a helping hand

Posted on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 by LEAD

Sudhir, Manjula, Chaitra, Reetu,  Sushma, Meenakshi, Pooja, Vaidehi, Usha, Hemavati, Vaibhavi, Vishnupriya, Shumaila, Priyanka, Dharma,  Sushma, Bhagya, Shilpa, Rashmi, Shruti, Geeta , Sneha, Pooja, Rakesh, Sanghamesh, Prashant, Dharma, Khajaa of  University of Agriculture and Science, Dharwad took initiative to give a helping hand to the orphans of the Basel Mission School. LEADers first planned to collect the unused clothes from the students of the hostels and also did a one rupee campaign by pasting the notice on the notice boards of the hostels. Students in the hostels were very generous because of which the Leaders were successful in collected around 28 Kgs of clothes and rupees 4,800/- which was utilized to buy two water containers for boys and girls Hostel. Around 60+ students had gathered in the orphanage. Leaders interacted with the kids and arranged them some activities and also celebrated the birthday of two kids which was indeed an awesome moment for each one of us.

In the course of implementing the project LEaders faced certain challenges like time management, planning and coordinating with the other team members as it was the first project to them, but they are now happy as they realized and learnt some Leadership qualities. Students are happy as they were the reason for the smiles on several kids. They want to take up more initiatives on a greater level.

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