LEaders pasted radiums for the Bullock Carts

Posted on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 by LEAD

Bullock carts will not be visible during night time and because of which many accidents take place. To avoid such situations and make people aware that there is bullock cart on the roads, we the LEaders from Jain Engineering College took initiative to apply radium stickers on bullock carts and which was been done for 15 bullock carts and it will be further implemented in different villages. Villagers appreciated the work of the students. 

This activity was done in the village named Devagiri - Kodoli - Belgaum on 21 of August 2014. LEADers Pavan Bajantri, Santosh Santram Patil, Jayesh Vijay Birje, Sona Somasundran and Akshay Almatti actively participated. 


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