LEaders teach people of rural areas in practicing signatures.

Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 by LEAD

Vijay Rural Engineering College LEADers found that there are many illiterate people from remote areas of Nizamabad, who can't sign on their own and choose to give a thumb impression and may get cheated.  LEADers wanted to make a difference in this scenario and by teaching them the importance of signature and helping to sign on their own.

Satya Phanindra, Saikrishna and Srujan decided to celebrate world literacy day in slums and rural areas and they approached the people of the remote area named Vengal Rao Nagar Colony, where there are many illiterates who are not aware about the importance of signature as well as they do not know how to sign. LEADers created awareness amongst the people and also educated them the concerns and many situations how people get cheated. People were interested in knowing more, so the LEADers helped the people to learn their signatures and provided them with the pen to make them feel and realize about the importance of the signature and education. 

The people were then given Vidya Helpline flyer's of Deshpande foundation so that they can ring up to the toll free number and can get clarifications for their queries regarding the career of their children. Initially When the LEaders approached people, there was a strange feeling about the things what was happening, but later they got a clear idea about the purpose of visiting them. The illiterates were feeling very happy to learn their signatures and collected the pens, which was one of the happiest moments for the LEADers in the implementation of the project. The initiative helped around 40+ people who learnt to pen down their signature. After the completion of this initiative LEADers feel that; the real happiness lies in making others happy.

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