67,100+ people took oath against violence on International Non-Violence Day 2014

Posted on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 by LEAD

October 2nd marked Mahatma Ghandi’s birthday and subsequently, International Non-Violence Day. On this occasion, students of LEAD (LEaders Accelerating Development) of Deshpande Foundation were proud to celebrate the International Non-Violence Day in a very unique way under the theme "I am Against Violence.". They facilitated an anti-violence oath in their respective regions.
"I am Against Violence” is an approach to support women of our society who is facing the harassment every day, thus the LEaders visited the public places as well as schools and colleges in order to gather people to take the Oath to stand up, with women, against violence.

LEaders from all over the region engaged with this initiative in their own unique way. LEader Pallavi Malagar (Jain College, Belgaum) introduced an online Oath taking initiative, which reached approximately 500+ people through social media & the mobile application. LEader K. Akhil (Sri Sai Raghavendra) facilitated a communal Non-Violence Oath in his own classroom in Nizamabad for over 11 students.


Similarly, Ch. Nagavadhini and his team members Ravali and Sneha (VREC) went to an orphanage in Subhash Nagara & Pulong to share with the children the kind of violence that people, and women, are still facing today. They lead the 25 people in taking an oath against this violence, stating that they will not participate in such, and will stand up for the victims. 

Meanwhile, LEader Harish Gadagin (K H kabbur Institute of Engineering and Technology, Dharwad) decided to make the pledge with 680 staff and students of JK Education Society’s DK Public School Santosh Nagar, Hubli.

As such, in each location these student LEaders have divided themselves into teams of 5 to 10 and have visited public places , Schools & Colleges in order to take Oath, in effort to instill social consciousness in youth so they will respect women.

Raibag LEaders took initiative to celebrate International Non violence day by making 17000+ public taken oath at a time in Raibag. The High Court Judge A S Pachhapure, Shri Siddeshwar Swamiji and public of Raibag were amazed to see the confidence of
Leaders,social concern and appreciated the LEAD students, also LEAD Deshpande Foundation for encouraging the Youths in rural area. Leader Sandesh, Pramod and were in core team to appreciate their efforts.

Through this initiative, 67,000+ people took the Oath across LEAD locations in three states. Approximately 150+ students have taken up the initiative in their respective locations.

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