LEader Kalyan Chakravarthy Goud Encourages Proper Dustbin Use

Posted on Monday, October 13, 2014 by LEAD

Kalyan and his team members Sai Kiran, Meenakshi and Ch.Nagavardhini (GSCET) were compelled to change the way people were disposing of their waste in Vinayak Nagar Nizamabad. They noticed a great deal of trash littered around, and a lack of people using the dustbin provided. They wanted to see the dustbin area clean and in-use, so they made it happen. They gathered supplies to clean the dustbin, and gathered all the surrounding garbage and put it all in the bin. They noticed that as soon as it was cleaned up and people saw what they were doing, they immediately started using it as well. They also encouraged the colony (of about 80 people) to continue using the bin properly, to keep the environment clean and safe.

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