LEaders raise Rs. 2,000 for Physically Challenged Association

Posted on Thursday, October 09, 2014 by LEAD

The Physically Challenged Association in Alvan Galli (Belguam) cares for about 20-25 challenged members. Nine students decided they wanted to assist this organization in promoting their products in the marketplace, as well as provide financial assistance to them. To do this, poonam R. Nesargi and his peers Priya Chavan, Sucheta, Sukanya Varale, Lathika,Munish Noola, Kousthub, Prem and Praveen took the products the members of the organization had manufactured (such as Phenyl, liquid soap, copper shine, etc.) and sold them in the bazaar. They were met with some tough customers, but ultimately ended up selling out of their stock, and earning Rs. 2,000 for the association.

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