LEader Shubam Creates a Wind-Powered Portable Charger

Posted on Thursday, November 13, 2014 by LEAD

LEader Shubam (VREC, Nizamabad) faced a big problem on a long journey of his: he needed to make an important phone call to his dad, but his mobile had low battery so he was unable to make the call. Inspired by this, he came up with the idea to make a portable mobile charger that can be used anywhere.

During long journeys in trains and buses, we are unable to charge our mobiles and can face a communication crisis if we need to make an urgent call. Therefor, Shubam created a portable charger that can bring us out of such crisis. Here’s how it works: it converts the kinetic energy produced by the exhaust fan (in reverse motor action) into electric energy, which can be used to charge the mobile. All you need is wind!

The device consists of a exhaust fan (which generates the AC current), a rectifier (bridge wave rectifier) to convert this AC to DC current. This current is then filtered through a capacitor and supplied to a voltage regulator, which give constant output voltage. This is further connected to a USB port, through which we can connect our mobile’s charger cable.

The fan, when kept in the wind, will give output voltage which we can use to charge our mobiles. We can fix the fan to the bars of windows of buses,trains and in the bikes, etc., to make charging easy and efficient.

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