LEadership camp at SJPN Polytecnic Nidsoshi.

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The day started with introduction of students. Many students and faculties from different degree colleges came to know each other. The students had an opportunity to participate in team building activities and being involved in communication module which helped students to improve verbal and nonverbal communication skills by participating in the activities. After their hard work students enjoyed lunch together.
Second half of the day was more concerned with written communication skills, such as Email etiquette. 

Later, students were able to participate in the brainstorming module in which students attended brainstorming and idea generation sessions. Students were divided in groups of 10 and asked to brainstorm ideas of what can be improved. Then students discussed what would they do during the next day in the community. Students came up with the variety of ideas to resolve local problems. 

The teams were asked to choose 4 tasks to implement in the local area. At the end of the day the teams were getting prepared to put their ideas into real life solutions. The day concluded with presentations about future projects to be implemented.


As instructed by the mentor, students gathered at 9.30 am the next day in the campus. After receiving some instructions how to handle the situation in the local community, students left to implement their solutions. Students have chosen different areas where they were planning to execute projects. They were given 3 hours to complete the task. All the teams came back by 2:30pm and shared their accomplishments. Among 12 successful projects there were:

·  Public Awareness Campaign about the importance of hygiene, placing the parking boards in college for better college parking, teaching 100 women how to sign and write their name, suggestion book for college, cleaning drinking water tanks in college, awareness on adulteration, awareness on pesticides, first Aid kits for workshops in college

While working on the projects, students had a great experience in the community.They came across lots of challenges, tackled them and completed the tasks. Finally, future plans were discussed and the LEAD Kick Date was announced. In the long run, students were excited and became inspired for the future initiatives.
Absar, Makarand and member of faculty Sunil K with 28 Students took care of the camp.

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