Environmental awareness by LEADer Priya

Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 by LEAD

Mother Nature nurtures us, cares us, protects us and makes our life possible on this Earth. But disappointingly environment is taken for granted by each one of us. We ill-treat environment and pollute it.

 Priya, a student of Karnataka Science College, Dharwad who loves nature wanted to stop this. She thought of creating awareness among people and reminds them about the blessings of nature.  Hence she thought of becoming a LEADer with a cause of spreading awareness about Environment. 

LEADer Priya decided to start with her college as she believes in the saying that every change begins at home. She spoke to her Principal of the college and HOD of her department and got the permission to execute her idea. Permission was taken from HOD and Principal to take up the necessary initiatives for this project.
 They got the painting brush and got the quotes about Environment and Mother Nature painted on poles and trees. They also cleaned the garden with broomsticks and made it look beautiful.
LEADer Priya feels proud about her project and she says about her future plan as “ I would like to work on the same project at a bigger platform and make a bigger impact. I want to create awareness among people with a better idea and a different approach”.

 Priya had a good experience while working for nature with her team members. Priya says " Chatting with friends is always fun but working with them is learning because one needs to leadership qualities and team spirit to work together" .

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